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The Complete Total Gym Guide – A Comparison of All Models

the total gym- a complete guide

The Total Gym has become well known for its tv infomercials and celebrity endorsers, but does that alone make it a legit home gym system?

Of course not.

The fact that it’s a great exercise machine makes it a legit home gym system, but with so many models to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming.

I mean seriously, there have been dozens of different models released over the years with subtle changes and upgrades here and there that can make it hard to tell ’em apart from each other.

Well, I’m hoping I can make things a little easier for ya.

I put this guide together to help you compare and contrast the most popular Total Gyms and decide if any of the models are right for you.

I realize I haven’t included every Total Gym in this guide, but I’m trying to update it regularly to include different models that come to my attention (speaking of which, if there are any specific models you’re interested in that aren’t included here, please let me know).

It’s amazing, after so many years I’m still learning about new models I didn’t even know existed.

Anyway, this is a long one, so if you’d like to skip ahead to a specific Total Gym, by all means click below:

ExericsesResistance LevelsAttachmentsWeight Limit
Total Gym 110060+ 62275 lb
Total Gym 140060+82250 lb
Total Gym 160060+84250 lb
Total Gym 190060+126350 lb
Total Gym Apex G160+62300 lb
Total Gym Apex G370+85300 lb
Total Gym Pinnacle70+84300 lb
Total Gym EXTREME60+126350 lb
Total Gym Apex G580+105375 lb
Total Gym Supreme60+124275 lb
Total Gym XLS80+63400 lb
Total Gym Fit85+124450 lb
Total Gym EVOLVE100+167500 lb
Total Gym GTS200+228650 lb

What Is The Total Gym?

Most of us have seen the famous infomercials on tv for the Total Gym, but do you really understand how the Total Gym works?

Just in case, I want to start with a quick description of how these gyms work, because it really is pretty interesting.

The creators took a brilliant idea and developed a whole line of home gyms around a simple idea- using your bodyweight as the resistance.

Most traditional home gyms and strengthening machines are using some form of external weight to provide the resistance for your workout: weight plates, resistance bands, power rods (Bowflex).

These designs have the strengths and weaknesses like anything else, but the Total Gym was unique because it didn’t need any external resistance.

Turns out this design has a lot of benefits.

First of all, with no weight stacks, the Total Gym becomes very light weight and portable. It also means there is no stopping between exercises to change the weight.

I’ll come back to this idea a little later because it’s one of the biggest benefits of the Total Gyms, but basically it means you can get a full body workout in less time and burn more calories while doing so.

Back to how the Total Gym works.

So, there are no weights involved, so where does the resistance come from then?

Your body weight.

Well, and gravity, gravity definitely plays a big role here.

You’ll notice that all of the exercises involve you sitting on a sliding board (in various positions). There are cables attached to the sliding board and these cables have handles attached to them.

When you pull or push the handles, you are lifting your body weight through the pulley system as the board slides.

This is pretty clever, but it gets better.

The slide board’s resting position is adjustable. You can adjust the height of the back to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

When you raise the height of the board, you are lifting against gravity more – you are essentially lifting a higher percentage of your body weight.

When you lower the height, you are fighting gravity less and lifting a smaller percentage of your body weight.

On the highest setting of most machines, you are lifting roughly 45% of your body weight.

This pulley system also allows for a lot of versatility.

Depending on the model, there are literally 100’s of exercises you can perform. These include exercises for your arms, legs, and core, but a lot of this depends on the attachments that are included.

This pulley system also allows for full range of motion during exercise. Traditional home gyms have iron posts and supports that limits how far you can stretch out during a move.

The Total Gyms don’t have this problem.

On most exercises, you can stretch out as far as you like, which helps you maintain flexibility and activate more muscle fibers during your workout.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Like I said, these gyms are pretty simple in their design, but don’t mistake this simplicity in design for meaning they are easy to use.

These gyms can give you a strenuous workout and really kick your butt.

Total Gym has been producing exercise machines for over 30 years and there are currently several versions of the popular home gym available on the market.

Let’s take a quick look at the major differences and similarities between the models.

total gyms
The Total Gym Fit in action. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

Differences Between Total Gym Models

Number of Exercises

The number of exercises available on each machine varies and it depends largely on the number of attachments that can be used with it.

The more expensive models have more attachments, which means more exercises.

That said, even the most affordable Total Gyms can offer 60+ exercises.

The nicer models range between 80-85 exercises, and their commercial grade gym boasts you can perform over 200 exercises on it.

Levels of Resistance

The levels of resistance (height adjustments) offered is another factor to consider when comparing Total Gyms. Having more levels of resistance is always a plus because it gives you more control over your workout.

The number of resistance levels in the different models ranges between 6 – 22.

Most machines have 6, 8, 0r 12 resistance levels, but the GTS is in a league of its own with 22.


I mentioned above that the number of attachments included with your purchase varies depending on the model.

The more expensive models will include more attachments, but all Total Gyms come with a couple of attachments to ensure you can start exercising with it right out of the box.

Common attachments include: leg pull accessory, squat stand, wing attachment, and ab crunch. 

Some gyms will also come with 1 or more workout DVDs (yes, I know this dates them) as well as workout cards or a poster.

Most models also include a nutritional guide and meal plan to help you eat better.

Weight Capacity

The max user weight capacity is another factor that differentiates the different Total Gyms.

Having a higher weight capacity is always preferred, because it indicates improved machine strength and durability.

However, as long as you fit safely within a machine’s given weight limit, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Total Gym weight capacities range between 250 – 650 lb. 

I know, this is a huge range. The budget models fall in the 250-300 lb range. The more expensive models are between 400 – 650 lb.


This may be the most important factor for a lot of us and the prices vary greatly on the different Total Gym machines.

The most affordable model can be purchased for under $200, while their commercial grade GTS goes for an asking price of almost $4000.

Most models, however, are less than $1000.

What Do All Total Gyms Have In Common?

Pulley System

Regardless of how expensive and upgraded the model is, they all use the same principle of pulleys and body weight to operate.

All Total Gyms have a slide board and an adjustable height setting to change the resistance.

If you can use the most affordable version, you can rest assured you can operate the most expensive one.


All of the Total Gyms can be folded for storage.

You basically have to take out a few pins and fold the frame down flat. It takes a little getting use to, but after a time or two you will have the hang of it.

This is great if space is an issue, because these machines are pretty long and take up a good amount of floor space when in use.

No Assembly Required

All of the Total Gyms (except the GTS, but that model is really designed for commercial use) are ready to use right out of the box.

No assembly required.

You just have to set the gym up by placing a few pins and adjusting the height.

Again, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. When it doubt, there are some great videos online demonstrating how to unfold the Total Gym.

Light Weight

With the exception of the GTS, all of the Total Gym models are pretty light weight, which is pretty impressive considering how much weight some of these machines can hold.

All of the Total Gyms designed for home use weigh between 50-70 lb. 

The commercial grade GTS weighs about 180 lb.

Provide A Full Body Workout

All versions of the Total Gym are designed to offer a full body workout.

They all allow you to perform strengthening exercises for your arms, legs, and core. That said, the Total Gym is not designed to get you “jacked”.

This type of exercise is great for strengthening and toning, but you really shouldn’t expect to bulk up a lot while exercising on a Total Gym.

Now let’s compare the different Total Gym models that are currently available for purchase, starting with the budget machines and working our way up.

The Total Gym 1100

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 2

Weight capacity: 275 lb

Price:  $

The Total Gym 1100 is one of the original models and is the most affordable versions out there.

This is the simplest, most bare-bone version of the Total Gym you find, hence the incredibly low price.

Even though this model only comes with 2 attachments (the multi-function bar and leg attachment), you see it still offers over 60 possible exercises.

This just goes to show how versatile these home gym machines really are.

You’ll also notice the 1100 only has 6 levels of resistance. This is on the low end of the spectrum, but it still gives you some room to increase your resistance as your strength improves.

The Total Gym 1100 has a 275 lb max weight limit which is impressive for any fitness machine in this price range.

Especially considering this machine only weighs 54 lb, it must be very well built. Total Gym is known for their durability and quality construction.

One thing to keep in mind with the 1100 as well as all the other models is the fact that these machines take up about 8 ft of floor space during use.

They can be folded away for storage pretty easily when not in use.

Overall, the Total Gym 1100 is a great product for the price – if you’re looking for an affordable home gym machine, the 1100 is hard to beat.

FYI, the 1100 is one of their older models and it’s getting harder and harder to find.


The Total Gym 1400

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 4 + 1 DVD + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 250 lb

Price:  $

Next on the list is the Total Gym 1400.

The 1400 is another budget machine, but with a few improvements over the 1100. Right off the bat, you will notice that the 1400 offers the same number of total exercises as the 1100.

This model gives you the opportunity to perform about 60 different moves.

The Total Gym 1400 offers 2 additional resistance levels when compared to the 1100.

With a total number of 8 different height adjustments, this gym will give you a little more play with your resistance settings.

This comes in handy with progressing your strength training because the difference between the settings is a little smaller than with the 1100, where the difference between 2 settings could be fairly significant.

Another big difference is that the 1400 comes with more goodies.

Four attachments are included: squat stand, multi-function attachment bar, dip bars, and leg pulley accessory. 

The squat stand alone is a big improvement with this model.

It also comes with a workout DVD and a flip chart of exercises that can attach to the Total Gym’s frame for easy reference during use.

Surprisingly, the weight capacity on the 1400 is actually listed as being lower than the 1100’s (250 lb vs 275 lb).

I would bet almost anything that the 1100 is not more sturdy than the 1400, but it does have a listed weight capacity of 250 lb.

I’m not sure what makes up that 25 lb difference between the two models.

Price wise, these 2 gyms are in the same ball park, but the 1400 is going to cost you about a 100 bucks more.

For that extra cash, you are getting 2 extra levels of resistance, additional attachments, a workout DVD, and the flip chart.

The Total Gym 1400 is also priced very well considering how much more you are getting with this model, but again, this is an older model that’s no longer being produced, so gonna be hard to find. See full review.


The Total Gym 1600

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 4 + 1 DVD + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 250 lb

Price:  $

When I compared the Total Gym 1600 to the 1400, I really couldn’t find any differences other than the color scheme. No, seriously.

I examined the owner’s manual for each product and the only difference I found was that with the Total Gym 1400 you may have to manually install a “stopper” on the bottom crossbar.

There is no such stopper included with the 1600 (assuming it’s already installed on this version?).

All other metrics are identical on these two versions as far as I can tell. Both gyms offer 60 exercises, both have 8 resistance levels, both have the same weight capacity, and both include the same attachments.

Both models are the exact same size and weight, all dimensions (folded and unfolded) are identical.

The Total Gym 1600 is another older model that’s been outdated for awhile.

I doubt you’ll be able to find this model either, but if you like the 1600, you should check out Total Gym’s APEX series.


The Total Gym 1900

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 6 + 2 DVDs + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 350 lb

Price:  $$

With the Total Gym 1900, we see some rather significant changes from the 1600 and 1400.

Interestingly though, the total number of exercises that can be performed on the 1900 is the same as all the less expensive machines mentioned previously.

One of the biggest upgrades with the 1900 is the addition of 4 extra resistance levels. This model has 12 different height adjustments, the only Total Gym with more is the commercial grade GTS.

Another difference is that with the 1900, you get 2 more attachments and an extra workout DVD.

The Total Gym 1900 comes with the following included attachments: multi-function bar, press up bars, dip bars, leg pull attachment, Pilates bar, and ab crunch boards.

You might notice that the squat stand was replaced with the Pilates bar on this model.

You can still do squats with this bar, rest assured. The inclusion of the ab crunch accessory is pretty awesome, considering when sold separately this attachments costs about $160.

The Total Gym 1900 also has a more impressive 350 lb weight limit.

This is significantly more than the earlier models and indicates the 1900 is more solidly built. This machine should be able to comfortably fit most users.

Finally we come to price. The Total Gym 1900 is usually on sale (it currently is) and when on sale, is about $100 more than the Total Gym 1600.

If you ask me, Total Gym made several noticeable upgrades with their 1900 model and asking $100 more was warranted.

The extra attachments alone make up the difference, but you also get 12 levels of resistance and a significantly stronger frame.

The Total Gym 1900 is easily the nicest of the numerically named machines (the budget machines) and for awhile, was likely one of their best buys.

But alas, it’s gone the route of the Dodo and has been replaced by the Apex series. See full review.

The Total Gym Apex G1

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 2 + nutrition/exercise guides

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Price:  $

Total Gym’s Apex series is their newest lineup to date and it seems they’ve been released to replace the older, numerically numbered models we’ve been going over thus far.

The great news is that all of the Apex models are very affordable and they generally come with some nice upgrades over most of the models discussed earlier in the list.

The G1 is the most affordable of the Apex series, making it the most affordable Total Gym currently being offered (you can still find the numerically numbered models above online, but they’re becoming harder and harder to find).

And honestly, with the introduction of the Apex machines, I don’t see why you’d go with one of the older models anyway (with the exception of the 1900, which I still think might be, dollar for dollar, the best buy of the bunch).

The G1 comes with a sales price just under $300, making it a very affordable home gym system. Even though this model is very budget friendly, it still allows you to perform over 60 different exercises on it.

With only 6 resistance levels to choose from, it doesn’t offer nearly as many as the 1900. This model is also lacking a squat stand, which I consider probably the most important attachment of them all.

But, if you’re not worried about doing squats, and are looking for a very affordable option, the Apex G1 is what you’re looking for.

It does come with the wing attachment and an exercise guide to get you started along your way. It also comes with a 300 lb weight limit, which is great for a gym in this price range.

Overall, for a budget gym, the G1 has a lot going for it. See full review.

The Total Gym Apex G3

Exercises: 70+

Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 5 + nutritional/exercise guides

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Price: $

The Apex G3 is the mid-range model in their newer lineup of affordable gyms. For only a $100 more, you get some pretty significant upgrades over the G1.

Right off the bat, you get access to more exercises and more resistance levels, both of which are enough to warrant the extra cost if you ask me.

But it’s the attachments they really set the G3 apart from the G1.

Unlike the G1, the G3 comes with a squat stand and a set of dip bars, both of which will drastically improve your workout experience.

I personally think the squat stand is the most important attachment Total Gym offers, so I don’t see getting a Total Gym that doesn’t have one, but hey, you gotta go with what your budget allows.

The weight capacity on the G3 is the same as the G1, which is high enough to accommodate most folks comfortably.

Overall, the G3 is a great buy. It comes with drastic upgrades over the more affordable G1 which I think more than justify the extra 100 bucks.

The G5 takes the G3 and upgrades it even further, but there are fewer differences between the G3 and G5 than there are between the G3 and the G1. See full review.

The Total Gym Pinnacle

Exercises: 70+

Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 4 + flip chart, DVD, and exercise guide

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Price: $

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure how long the Pinnacle has been around, but it was only recently brought to my attention, so it’s one of the most recent updates I’ve added here.

In terms of features and price, the Pinnacle is very similar to the G3 mentioned above, so it would be worthwhile to compare prices before deciding.

Like the G3 the Pinnacle comes with 8 resistance levels and a similar collection of attachments, which include the wing attachment, dip bars, squat stand, and leg pull accessory.

It also comes with a handy flip chart for easy exercise guidance, as well as a DVD and exercise guide to help you get started.

The distinctive black, orange, and grey color scheme helps the Pinnacle stand out a little from some of the other gyms and looks pretty sharp if I do say so myself.

As I’m writing this, the Pinnacle is priced for just under $400, putting it in the same ballpark as the Apex models.

Overall, a pretty good deal, but again, I’d compare prices with the Apex’s. See full review.

The Total Gym XTREME

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 6

Weight capacity: 350lb

Price:  $

There have been so many different Total Gyms over the years (we’re talking like 30 or so I think), it would be challenging to include all of them in this guide without it getting too overwhelming.

So, I’ve tried to concentrate on the most popular models, as well as the ones that are still readily available.

After receiving a few inquiries about this model, I realized it was time to update this guide to include it as well.

I was introduced to the Total Gym XTREME by my readers, I thank them for doing so because after taking a closer look at what the XTREME has to offer, I think it’s a great buy.

This is one of the most budget friendly Total Gyms around, but it would be hard to tell by looking at what it comes with.

The XTREME comes with 12 levels of resistance and 6 attachments right out of the box, including the awesome AbCrunch accessory (which will set ya back about $150 if purchased separately).

The other attachments include the tri-grip shaper bars, the wing attachment, the squat stand, the leg pulley, and the training deck/device holder.

I’m also astounded at how high the weight limit on the XTREME is. With a 350 lb weight capacity, this affordable model is tough enough to handle pretty much any user who want to jump on.

Speaking of affordability, the XTREME is priced somewhere between the Apex G1 and the G5 depending on where you buy- this model isn’t available directly through Total Gym, but it’s often for sale at Costco and Amazon. See full review.

The Total Gym Apex G5

apex g5 gym
The Apex G5 offers a great combination of features for the price and is now available directly through Total Gym. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

Exercises: 80+

Resistance levels: 10

Attachments: 5 + nutritional/exercise guides + 2 floor mats

Weight capacity: 375 lb

Price: $$

The Apex G5 is the most advanced of the new, affordable models recently released by Total Gym. The Apex models are meant to replace the older, numerically numbered models discussed so far.

And based on what the G5 has to offer, it looks like Total Gym is doing us a favor.

You won’t find the G5 on Total Gym Direct, instead it’s being offered through retail sites like Amazon. For roughly $500, you get an advanced model that bridges the gap between the higher-end models and the super affordable ones.

The G5 allows you to perform 80+ exercises by including several important attachments including a large squat stand, the wing attachment, dip attachment, leg pull attachment, and the training deck with holder.

The only thing missing here is the Ab Crunch attachment, but we should let this one slide considering this affordable model comes with 10 resistance levels and a 375 lb weight capacity.

The only real downside to this model is the lackluster warranty, but as well built as all of these models are I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the G5 breaking down on ya.

Considering the 1900 (and all other older models) is gonna be hard to come by, I think the G5 is going to become one of Total Gym’s most popular models.

This model just has so much to offer and it’s priced great. See full review.


The Total Gym Supreme

Total Gym SUPREME Home Gym

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 4 + 4 DVDs + Nutritional/meal plan

Weight capacity: 275 lb

Price:  $$$

The Total Gym Supreme used to be the most affordable model offered by Total Gym Direct (they only sell the upgraded models, you won’t find the budget machines there), but it seems they’ve decided to stop offering this gym.

So, if you’re trying to find a Supreme, odds are you’ll have to resort to eBay or somewhere else you can find a used one.

Anyway, the Total Gym Supreme is an interesting model.

It’s priced higher than all of the gyms mentioned thus far and you’ll have to really pay attention to see where the biggest difference is.

Have you found it yet? Yup, the attachments and features.

This model offers the same amount of exercises as the others and it has 12 resistance levels just like the 1900.

The Total Gym Supreme comes with 4 attachments, and they are: the ab crunch accessory, leg pull accessory, squat stand, and the new tri-grip shaper bars. 

The tri-grip bars take the place of the multi-function bars and is angled a little differently for added comfort.

The Supreme comes with 4 workout DVDs, 2 more than the 1900. This is really the biggest difference between the Supreme and the other models. You will notice the Supreme only has a 275 lb weight capacity, significantly lower than the 1900.

The Total Gym Supreme is also significantly more expensive than the 1900, roughly $200 before any promotions are included. Personally, I think that’s too much to pay for a couple more workout DVDs.

I think the 1900 is a much better deal, I really see no reason to choose the Supreme over it.

I bet you could purchase the workout DVDs separately if you wanted to. See full review.


The Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS Home Gym

Exercises: 80+

Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 3 + 5 DVDs + Nutritional/meal plan + flip chart

Weight capacity: 400 lb

Price:  $$$

The Total Gym XLS is their flagship model and probably their most popular – Total Gym made some significant improvements when they developed the XLS.

The first thing you should notice is that this model provides over 80 different exercises that can be performed- 20 more than any other model discussed so far.

They decreased the amount of resistance levels on this model, bringing it back down to 6. I’m not sure why they did this, but if I had to guess, I would say it was so they could bring out the Fit and justify it’s significantly higher price tag… but more on that below.

The Total Gym XLS only comes with 3 attachments: leg pull attachment, wing attachment, and ribbed squat stand. This squat stand is an upgraded version. It was a textured bottom to help with traction during use.

The wing attachment is an upgraded version of the multi-function bar, it’s angled for a more comfortable feel.

The XLS comes with a lot more features, including 5 workout DVDs. It too comes with the nutritional plans and the flip chart that attaches to the frame.

The biggest advantage to the XLS, in my opinion, is the 400 lb max weight capacity. This home gym is designed to accommodate larger folks. The XLS also has upgraded, more durable cables and pulleys.

The slide board is actually a little wider than the other models (about 3 inches) which makes this more comfortable to use, especially for bigger individuals. The XLS also has a lifetime warranty on its frame.

All these factors put together makes the XLS a more comfortable, stable product to use.

Of course, these added benefits mean a higher price tag.

The Total Gym XLS can be purchased through Amazon or directly through Total Gym, so it’s a good idea to compare prices.

The prices change frequently, but right now Total Gym Direct is offering a better deal (they also offer a 30-day trial). See full review.


The Total Gym Fit

Total Gym FIT Home Gym

Exercises: 85+

Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 4 + 6 DVDs + Nutritional/meal plan + flip chart

Weight capacity: 450 lb

Price:  $$$

The Fit is one of Total Gym’s newer home gyms and is definitely their nicest model designed for home use to date.

With this one, they basically took the XLS and doubled the levels of resistance.

They also came up with about 5 more exercises you can do on this product.

With a whopping 85 available exercises, the Total Gym Fit is the definition of versatility.

The Fit has 12 levels of resistance, just like the 1900 and the Supreme. However, this model comes with more additional features than the previous models. It also has a very impressive 450 lb weight capacity.

A higher weight limit means better construction and more durable moving parts.

Speaking of moveable parts, the Fit comes with a better warranty- 2 year on moving parts and lifetime on frame.

This Total Gym comes with 4 attachments: leg pull attachment, ab crunch accessory, upgraded squat stand, and a 2-piece wing attachment. 

The Fit also comes with a ton of workout DVDs (6) to get you started regardless of your fitness level. It also includes the nutritional info and meal plan options to help you reach your goals.

The price is really the only con for the Fit.

The Total Gym Fit literally costs 2x as much as the XLS. The original asking price is well over $2000, but it is always on sale.

If you buy directly through Total Gym you are looking at around $1600. You can also buy new and used models through Amazon at varying prices, but you can’t always guarantee which accessories and features will be included.

This price is high when compared to the other Total Gym models, but it’s really not that high when compared to other home gym machines.

Any decent home gym machine that can be compared to the Fit in terms of quality will be over $1000. And no home gym machine can compare with the Total Gyms in terms of versatility.

I mean seriously, this one piece of equipment can perform over 85 different exercises.

Overall, the Total Gym Fit is their newest and nicest product for the home. It comes with a boat load of attachments and extra features as well as their best warranty.

If you are serious about the Total Gym and can afford it, the Fit is the way to go. See full review.

The Total Gym EVOLVE

total gym evolve
The EVOLVE’s adjustable angle glideboard allows you to sit comfortably while still working against higher resistances. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

Exercises: 100+

Resistance levels: 16

Attachments: 7

Weight capacity: 500 lb

Price:  $$$$

The EVOLVE is Total Gym’s newest gym to date and it seems to be replacing the older GTS (see below) as their premiere model.

The EVOLVE comes with a great combination of resistance levels and attachments, but it’s the new adjustable bench that really steals the show here.

Unlike any of the other models, this Total Gym comes with an adjustable glideboard that lets you lie horizontally while still exercising at higher resistance levels.

This adds to overall comfort, but it can also make it easier to get on/off of.

Honestly, this is one of the most innovative features Total Gym has released in some time.

But the EVOLVE has a lot more going for it too.

With 16 resistance levels, this gym offers more control over workout intensity than any of the other models mentioned thus far.

And with a heavy-duty frame that can handle 500 lb, it’s also one of the sturdiest models to be released as well.

When it comes to attachments, the EVOLVE comes with most of the top selections, including an upgraded squat stand, the popular AbCrunch, and the 2 piece wing attachment.

It doesn’t come with the dip handles or weight bar, but these could be purchased separately for little added cost.

Another nice upgrade found on this model is the rotating tablet holder, allowing easy viewing of their fitness app when on or off the gym.

At around $2500, the EVOLVE is one of the most expensive Total Gyms to ever hit the market, but it’s also one of the most advanced.

If you’re looking for an elite Total Gym with added convenience, it’s certainly worth checking out. See full review.


The Total Gym GTS

Total Gym GTS Home Gym

Exercises: 200+

Resistance levels: 22

Attachments: 8 + 1 DVD + Exercise Reference Book

Weight capacity: 650 lb

Price:  $$$$$

The Total Gym GTS is their commercial grade gym system and it doesn’t look like Total Gym is offering this model direct any longer.

But you can still likely find it through other retailers if interested.

Although it’s designed for home use, it would look completely at ease in a club gym or physical therapy clinic.

The GTS really is in a league of its own here, just look at those numbers. Over 200 exercises? That’s insane.

I could never think of that many different moves, but this system allows you to jump and do plyometric type moves as well, so I guess that really increases the possibilities.

The GTS has a ton of resistance levels, perfect for a rehab setting where more control over resistance would be beneficial. At 22 different levels, the GTS has 10 more than the Fit.

The Total Gym GTS also comes with a ton of attachments.

For simplicity’s sake, I’m not going to list them all here, but it total there are about 8: adjustable LAT bars, telescoping squat stand, and a 6-piece strengthening set (consists of different sized pull up bars, dip bars, core accessory, and weight bar). 

The weight bar is a significant upgrade because it allows you to add external weight to the slide board for more resistance.

No other Total Gym has offered us this before (although I bet you could add the weight bar to some of the other models if you wanted to).

The GTS doesn’t come with a bunch of workout DVDs, but it does come with a strength training DVD and a an exercise guide to help get you started on the right foot.

The weight capacity on this gym is massive at 650 lb. Again, it is designed to withstand people jumping on it. It also has to accommodate for the addition of weight plates during use.

The GTS must be built like a tank. Speaking of which, this model does require assembly, it’s the only Total Gym that does.

The GTS also weighs almost 3x as much as the other models at 180 lb. So, although the GTS does fold up, it’s a little more difficult to move. But again, this model isn’t designed to be moved around often.

The Total Gym GTS also has a hydraulic lift system to make adjusting the height easier. This is great considering the added weight of the machine.

As you can see, the GTS is a great product.

If you’re looking for the best Total Gym out there, this is it. The GTS doesn’t come cheap though- at over 2x the price of the Fit it comes in well over $3000. See full review.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above review and comparisons were helpful.

I realize this list isn’t completely inclusive and as Total Gym’s lineup continues to change and morph, there are certainly some models out there they may not have made it on this list.

You will also see different bundles and packages out there with different combinations of attachments and features.

That said, these are the most common Total Gyms you will see for sale.

These models are a good representation of what Total Gym has to offer at all the different price points and these are the most popular amongst users.

And all of these gyms can offer a great, total body workout.

When comparing models, keep in mind what is most important for you -resistance levels? attachments? weight capacity?

Price is important for all of us of course.

I love that Total Gym has so many different models available at all price ranges.

Even the 1100 (which is under $200) can give you a great workout (if you can still find it).

The addition of the Apex gyms was a smart move in my humble opinion – they were a great update to the older, numerically numbered models that came before ’em.

Well, that about does it.

I hope you found this guide helpful and if you have any questions or concerns, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to ya.


Will's a licensed physical therapist (DPT) with over 15 years of experience treating patients from all backgrounds. He's been lifting weights and exercising in one form or another since middle school and has been working out in his own home gym for over a decade. When it comes to fitness equipment, there isn't much he hasn't tried. In his spare time, if he isn't writing or working out, he's likely playing basketball, watching movies, or hanging with his family.

63 thoughts on “The Complete Total Gym Guide – A Comparison of All Models”

  1. Thank you for this really detailed & informative article. I’ve been looking at purchasing a Total Gym, but was unsure which one would work best for me. Thanks to your information, I know which one I’m going to look into purchasing.

  2. Own an old XL from early 2000’s. Still works Great. Would like to know what max
    weight capacity is for the machine. I’ve installed bars to add free weights. Is it
    lower than the currentXLS model.

    1. That’s awesome, glad to hear it. The current XLS has a max weight capacity of 400 lb- this includes your weight (so if you weigh 200 lb, you wouldn’t want to add any more than 200 lb to it).

      The older model’s weight limit could be a little different, but worse case it would be 350 lb. Hope this helps.

  3. We have the old total gym platinum which has no leg attachments or really anything to add onto it. It has to be when it was first released which must’ve been 20 years ago. I saw theres a total gym fit refurbished locally for $680. Thinking about trading this platinum in and seeing if they’d take a little off the price. Also was wondering if you’ve had a chance to look at the Tonal Gym? Looks expensive.

    1. Yeah, Total Gym has released dozens of models over they years, all with different arrangements of attachments and whatnot. That’s a great price on that Fit, assuming it’s in decent shape- and it probably is, these things are built tough and there aren’t a lot of mechanical parts that can break down.

      I’ve heard of the Tonal Gym, but I haven’t looked at it too closely yet. I agree, the price looks high. My first impression is that it looks cool, but I wonder how that resistance actually feels (apparently it offers up to 100 lb per arm). The $49/month subscription would be a tough pill to swallow.

      Good luck with that Fit, hope it works out for ya if you go for it.

  4. After reading the complete review of this type of workout machine I found it very informative and I’m totally sold on it.
    Thank you for providing such a great description of how it works for everyone.

  5. Hello,
    Do you happen to know if the glide board for an XLS would fit a Total Gym 1900? Would it be too wide or would it fit properly? I have the attachments for the 1900, but I would like the option to add a weight bar to get more out of my machine.

    1. Hi, great question. Based on the specs, it looks like the glide board for the XLS is going to be a little wider than the 1900’s, so I would guess that it wouldn’t fit perfectly. I know the 1900 isn’t really designed for the addition of extra weight, but I’ve read user experiences where they’ve made their own adjustment to add a weight bar. If you go down this route, just make sure you take into account the 350 lb weight capacity.

  6. Thanks for the review i am definitely going with the xls version i can see why its there moat popular model.

    For the price i think your getting the best home gym for the best price.

    Fits a bit overpriced for a few extra add ons n my opinion i cant justify the extea prixe point of 600 bucks.

  7. I have a Total Gym Fit model, the glide board has been ripped up. I have a chance to buy a Total Gym 1600 model with no attachments. Was hoping to use the glide board from the 1600 on my Fit model, can anyone confirm if it will fit? Thanks in advance !!

    1. hmm, tough call. I know the dimensions of the 2 gyms are a little different with the Fit being a little wider. That doesn’t necessarily mean the slide board is wider too, but if I had to guess, I would guess the board on the Fit is a little larger than the 1600. Good luck though!

  8. Thanks for the comprehensive review. Not sure if you’re aware, Total Gym released a new “Apex” line, which seems to be mid-level to “bridge” the more expensive models and their least expensive models.

    1. Thanks for the heads up- I came across the Apex G3 the other day online. They look pretty good, especially for the low asking prices. I’m adding the Apex models to my “to-do” list and I’ll definitely be updating this guide soon.

  9. Thanks for the comprehensive reviews. Would you be able to review the XL7 which I bought from Sam’s Club? I have used it since July 2020 and certainly find it to be such a gem in terms of its relatively more affordable pricing but yet no less equipped (it comes with 6 attachments) compared to the Apex, XLS models you have reviewed. Not to mention being averse to gym-related exercises, I really look forward to my total gym workout each day which complements my swimming. I highly recommend this model.

    1. Sounds great, I’ll add the XL7 to my to-do list (an ever-growing list). Glad to hear you enjoy your Total Gym, I think they’re pretty awesome myself. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ah, that’s a tough one. If I had to choose one right now on the spot, I’d probably have to go with the APEX G5. The XLS is a heavier-duty model and it comes with a lifetime frame warranty, but I’m not convinced that warrants an extra $500. I could see going with the XLS if you where a bigger dude or if you expected multiple family members to be using it regularly. If not, I think the G5 makes more sense because it comes with more resistance levels and attachments (even thought the XLS comes with the ab crunch attachment, but for the savings with he G5 you could easily purchase that separately and still be way ahead). The price on that G5 is makes it a tough contender for their best model. I hope that helps.

  10. We have an older model purchased around 2001. It may be an 1100 home/commerical deluxe model. It is very sturdy, with an arched support the stand up part, not the signal bars I see on all the online models. I am looking for the manual.

  11. Hello, I’m female aged 50 and reasonably fit. Owned a Total Gym back in 2000 and sold it. I used it a LOT. sold it when I moved and now I want a new one again. I’m not sure which one is most compact, user friendly, lightweight for me if I have to move alone, and best overall for many exercises for a 50 year old woman. I also would really like the additional piece called a stepper(?), eventually, depending on price. Which would you recommend for me? Thank you! Viv

    1. Hi, based on what you’ve provided I’m thinking the Apex G5 could be a good fit. It’s priced great, offers a ton of workout options, and is surprisingly heavy-duty (but not heavy to move). I checked, and it looks like the Stepper should be compatible with the G5 as well. Hope that helps!

  12. Hi Will,
    Can you please provide your thoughts on the Total Gym XTREME? I’m not sure if this is the name given to the version that is sold at Costco or a general model. It’s also sold on, but it’s much more expensive.
    Just wanted to get your take before I ordered it from Costco.
    Thanks so much!!

  13. Hi Will,
    Can you please tell me what you think of the Total Gym XTREME sold by Costco? I think it’s also sold on, but it’s more expensive here.
    Thanks so much!

    1. The Total Gym XTREME looks like a great deal to me (I checked it out on Costco’s site)- price wise, it falls between the Apex G1 and G3, but it actually comes with more resistance levels (at 12) than either (6 and 8 respectively). It also looks like it comes with a nice selection of attachments- I can’t believe they’re including the AbCrunch, that’s awesome. And it still has the great 350 lb weight capacity. Overall, looks like a home run to me, and Costco’s price is amazing. You might want to add the dip bars later on down the road, but that’s no big deal. Hope that helps, take care!

  14. Hi Will!
    I just purchased a TG Xtreme from Costco & am looking to add a few additional pieces. The problem I’m having is the Xtreme isn’t listed anywhere – was it a special model developed for Costco and, if so, what is the similar ‘official’ model? I’d like to buy a wing attachment and am unsure of which one to buy… Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

    1. Hi- yeah, I’m not sure if it was a special model for retailers or what, but I can’t find any sign of it ever existing through Total Gym’s site. But it’s supposed to come with a wing attachment included. According to the manual, it looks like the 2-piece wing attachment would be the right one if you had to buy another one. I’ve also contacted Total Gym’s customer service to double check and if they have any different info I’ll let ya know.

    2. Hi Patricia- I finally heard back from Total Gym and they said that looking at the Supreme model would give you all the right sizes for any attachments for the Xtreme.

  15. I am a bit torn on the total gyms. I love the versatility and ease of switching exercises with virtually no setup. But I feel like just my bodyweight won’t be enough resistance for some of the exercises I want to. For the same price, I feel like I can buy other home gym machine that allows adding more weights as needed, but not as compact and versatile as the total gym. Some recommended using wearable weights like weight vests. Any thoughts?

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. The Total Gyms are generally better for doing higher rep, less rest between moves type workouts. That said, you can always make things more challenging by doing single arm/leg moves (depending on the exercise). A lot of the later Total Gym models are compatible with their weight bar attachment, which allows you to add plates to the slide board for added resistance. With the weight bar, you can add up to 90 lb per side, just keep in mind you have to still keep everything under the max weight capacity of the gym (your weight plus added weight needs to be less than max weight limit). With regards to the weight vest, I think it’s a great idea, although you might have to get a really heavy vest to notice much of a difference.

  16. Thanks for your effort to make this info available. I just ordered a Total Gym Xtreme at a very good price. I’m 67 and need to stay healthy, I trust this wiil make a huge difference now that I’m retired.

  17. Hello! I recently watched an info commercial on the Total Gym. I have always been curious about these exercise machines. I’m a 59 year old male who could stand to lose 20-25 pounds. What moderately priced machine would you recommend to achieve these goals?

    1. One of the nice thing about the Total Gyms is that there’s a model for every price range. The higher end models tend to be heavier-duty and come with more attachments and resistance levels, but you can more or less do the same exercises on all machines. When it comes to the moderately priced models, I think the Apex G5 has a lot to offer for the price, as does the XTREME. If you’re looking for a little heavier-duty model, the XLS is a great choice.

  18. I purchased the extreme model and very happy with it . I wanted to purchase a bigger squat stand , are all the squat stands the same fit or are there certain stands for particular models ; finding it hard to get information

    1. Glad to hear it. Many of the models have a similar fit and many accessories will fit multiple Total Gyms. According to Total Gym, any stand that fits their Supreme will also fit the Extreme. So, that means all of the squat stands available through Total Gym Direct should be compatible with your Xtreme. Hope that helps.

  19. Hi Will!!!

    Been reading each and everyone of your views above. Thank you for taking the time to do those for us. I see you on QVC they have the Total Gym Fit with 14 accessories, 8 DVDs for 699.

    I’ve been debating between the XLS and then when I saw this one, thought it would be a much better deal.

    Just wanted your opinion and I’m also going to leave you the video I copied here also.

    Thanks Tomm

  20. Hi Will!!!

    I’ve been reading your reviews over the last few days and I know each and every one of us appreciate them.

    I’ve been looking at the XLS model and then I ran across QVC which had the Total gym fit with 14 accessories, 8 DVDs, extra large footboard and a few other things.

    Also I saw on Sam’s website, they have the total gym XL7 for 299 with about 10 attachments.

    I know if there’s any issues with the one from QVC it would just be so hard to return that. I know what Sam’s you can just take it back to your local Sam’s and drop it off and get a refund with no problems…

    Just want to know if you think this would be the way to go? I think it is but just wanted your opinion.


    1. I’m not as familiar with the XL7 model, but after a quick glance it looks like a solid deal at that price. You have to really think about how much money you’re looking to spend and how heavy a duty model you want. You make some great points about customer service and returns with Sams vs QVC- definitely something to consider. The XLS is a nicer model, but if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, the XL7 looks pretty good. I know that’s really vague, but it all depends on what you want. Good luck!

    1. Great question – all of these gyms are about the same length (~90″ long, give or take), although the highest-end GTS is about a foot longer than the rest. At 6’2″, you should be able to use any of them comfortably from a height perspective. Depending on your weight, you might want to go with a heavier-duty model for a more secure feel. Hope that helps and thanks for reading.

  21. Hi and thanks for this article, it has really helped me eliminate which ones I don’t want! I have found a used Platinum Plus with 8 attachments for $300, and I’m wondering if it will be a good choice for me. I’m just starting out working out toning and getting fit so honestly any is probably fine, but I want it to still be a good fit after I improve as well so I don’t have to upgrade after a year or 2. Could you give your opinion on this model? For reference I’m a mid-30s female whith an athletic background, but has gotten lazy the last few years. I weigh about 180ish and hoping to lose 20 or so lbs. I’ve already started my journey with just diet, currently down about 18 lbs. Anyway hope this helps, thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, honestly I can’t find much info on the Platinum Plus model, I know it’s an older version that came out around a decade or so. It looks like it comes with 8 resistance levels, so it’s likely pretty comparable to today’s Apex G3, which at the timing of writing this is selling for around $400. So, assuming it’s still in good shape and functional, I think $300 for it with all the attachments is probably a pretty good deal. Based on your history, it sounds like you’d fit this model well. With these budget-friendlier models, you have to keep in mind they won’t feel as stable or heavy-duty as the more expensive models, but they can still get the job done when it comes to getting stronger and leaner. It sounds like a good buy to me, but again, that’s assuming it still works well. Good luck! (And if you end up getting it, I’d love to hear back regarding how it goes).

  22. I found a TG fit and xLs online for 350 and 250 respectively. They are both advertised as new and have regular attachments. My dilemma is the seller is steering me toward the XLS bcuz he says the board is bigger/wider and built better. He also states that the resistance level doesn’t really matter bcuz the height essentially is the same off the ground. Your thoughts and opinions please.

    1. Great question. My first thought is that the prices for these 2 Total Gyms sound a little too good to be true, but if they are, these are both amazing deals. The slide board on the XLS is 2″ wider than the board on the Fit, but I wouldn’t say it’s better built – in terms of heavy-dutiness, the XLS only weighs 2 more pounds than the Fit, so I would say they’re about the same in that category (all though the Fit does come with a higher weight limit than the XLS, 450 lb vs 400 lb). No, the number of resistance levels is the biggest difference between ’em and I agree with what the seller says about the height being the same for both gyms, but this only means the total available resistance is the same – I still think having more resistance levels is a benefit because you can make smaller adjustments to your resistance between levels. Think of it this way- if I have a pair of 20 lb dumbbells, a pair 35 lb dumbbells, and a pair of 50 lb dumbbells, there’s going to be significant jumps in the resistance I’m using every time I go up. If I have a pair of 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lb, 45 lb, and 50 lb dumbbells, I can make much more gradual increases in resistance. In both cases, I have a max resistance of 50 lb, but in the second case I have a lot more control over the intensity of my workouts. My dumbbell example is a bit exaggerated, but the point is the same. Whether the 6 extra resistance levels is worth the extra $100 in your case is a personal question – if you ask me, I think I’d pay the extra cash and get ’em, especially if you plan on using the Fit as your primary mode of exercise. Having that extra control over the intensity could come in really handy, especially if doing exercises where you might not need a ton of resistance.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to explain, I actually found a fit that has 15 resistance levels and I didnt didnt think that was possible and the seller of that one says the weight limit is 475 and has a couple extra attachments for $500. Have you ever heard of this model?

        1. No, I had never heard of that model before, but I looked it up and found it on QVC and apparently it does come with 15 resistance levels. And based on QVC’s price for it, $500 would be a really good price for a new one with all the attachments. That said, I don’t think there’s going to be much difference between 12 and 15 resistance levels- so assuming the included attachments are similar, I’d probably save the extra cash and go with the Fit. It’s an interesting dilemma you find yourself in though – I’d love to hear which model you ultimately decide on.

          1. Thanks agian, im going to pickup the ultimate this afternoon. Whats peculiar to me is; the fit has 2yr parts warranty but the ultimate only has 6months. If they are basically the same machine why is the warranty different? Very perplexing. The fit is 450 weight but the ultimate is 473 dont get it if they are same machine

            1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I think Total Gym plays with their warranties and weight capacities a little for the sake of marketing, but who knows. Good luck!

    2. This is our 2nd gym. We wanted a newer model to be able to do more and different exercises. So problem we have is we purchased model Fit Max Blue; but the instructions & CD’s are all great, but they are for other models. So we are stuck trying to figure out how to use the attachments that came with our model. My question is can we get info on how to use these attachments?

      1. Your best bet is to reach out to Total Gym directly, you can go through their website ( and try the live char or you could try calling their customer service (the number is on their site as well). Hope that helps and good luck.

    3. Interesting and amazing how your post is! It Is Useful and helpful for me. I like it very much, and I am looking forward to Hearing from you next.

    4. Above you say, “Total Gym has been producing exercise machines for over 30 years and there are currently several versions of the popular home gym available on the market.” Actually, Total Gym is at 50 years of manufacture and use as of 2024. It is only in the last 30 years–starting in 1996–that Total Gym has been sold via infomercials on TV at all hours of the day and night, making it as widely known as it has become. Even Chuck Norris’ use of Total Gym goes back to the 70s. The makers of Total Gym learned that Norris was going to have surgery to repair a rotator cuff injury, and they contacted him and convinced him to try rehabbing his shoulder using their product before having surgery. As Norris recounts in his book, he successfully rehabbed his rotator cuff injury using the Total Gym, and he has been a user of their product for decades. I am a faithful Total Gym myself since 1999. It is a terrific machine!

      1. That’s awesome, I appreciate the history lesson! Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your Total Gym for so many years.

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