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Everything You Should About The New Total Gym EVOLVE [A Review]

total gym evolve review

It’s been awhile since Total Gym released a new a model, so I was excited when I heard about the EVOLVE coming out.

At first glance, the EVOLVE just looks like a new combination of some of Total Gym’s old features and accessories, but if you look closer you’ll notice some exciting stuff going on with this new model.

For starters, the EVOLVE comes with a brand new adjustable glideboard that basically lets you lay on a flat surface while still working against whatever incline setting you have it on (making for a more comfortable experience).

But this new Total Gym also comes with a heavier-duty frame, a higher-weight limit, and more resistance levels than any of their other current models (other than the GTS).

The biggest downside I see, other than the higher price tag, is that it would be nice to see the dip bars and weight bar included, but these are small offenses at best.

Overall, I think the EVOLVE is a great addition to Total Gym’s lineup, but before you buy, keep reading.

In this thorough review, I’ll go over everything this gym system has to offer, as well as where it falls a bit short.

I’ll also compare it to a couple of the other Total Gyms so you can see how it ranks amongst their other models.

After reading, you’ll know whether or not the EVOLVE is a smart choice for your home gym.

The Total Gym EVOLVE is a heavier-duty model, coming with upgraded features and more resistance levels than most other Total Gyms, making it a good option for folks looking for a premium home gym.

The Total Gym EVOLVE

total gym evolve
Image courtesy of Total Gym.

I’ve been a Total Gym fan ever since I got to see ’em in action in PT school and then start using them with my own patients in the first orthopedic clinic I worked in after graduation.

For therapy purposes, they’re kind of the perfect gym system – easy to set up, versatile, low impact, affordable, effective… not much to complain about here.

Well, Total Gyms can work just as well for personal home use too, especially for people looking for single machines that can provide a ton of workout variety.

And the fact that you don’t have to mess with weight plates or dumbbells is a big perk too.

Anyway, there’ve been a ton of Total Gym models over the years, but they all work with the same basic design of using your bodyweight and a glideboard to create the resistance for all the different moves.

What differs between the models though, are the fine details like the number of resistance levels, the included attachments, and the robustness of the frames themselves.

Usually, the higher-end Total Gyms offer more resistance levels, nicer attachments, and heavier frames.

The EVOLVE we’re here to talk about now is Total Gym’s newest model and as I’m writing this, it’s priced around $2500.

This makes it the second most expensive Total Gym, second only to the even more expensive GTS (fyi, I wonder how much longer the GTS will be offered… it wouldn’t surprise me if the EVOLVE is here to take the GTS’s place).


  • 100+ exercises available
  • Low impact
  • No assembly necessary
  • Adjustable glideboard
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 500 lb weight limit
  • Large squat stand
  • Upgraded height adjustment
  • Comes with several nice attachments
  • Rotating device holder
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Access to workouts through Total Gym TV
  • Good warranty


  • Dip handles not included
  • Weight bar not included


Since all Total Gyms operate by the same design, they all offer great exercise variety.

That said, some models offer more than others.

In the case of the EVOLVE, we’re talking 100+ different exercises from a single gym system.

No, I’m not going to sit here and type out 100 different exercises you can perform on this machine, but Total Gym does include a wall chart and exercise manuals that do list out the different exercises that are possible.

The EVOLVE can be used to train any body part and it’s especially capable when it comes to core moves, so you won’t have any issues getting a full body workout in.

The dual pulley design and inclusion of a squat stand make for a lot of exercise possibilities, but it’s the attachments that greatly effect which exercises are possible (more on attachments in a minute).

Overall, the EVOLVE offers more exercise variety than any of the other more affordable models and is second only to the GTS in terms of exercise possibilities.

evolve frame
The EVOLVE comes with 16 resistance levels, giving you a lot of control over workout intensity. The upgraded height adjuster makes it easy to see which level you’re on at all times. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

Resistance Levels

The number of included resistance levels is one of the biggest differences seen between Total Gyms and if you ask me, having more resistance settings is always a good thing.

Mostly because it gives you more control to fine tune the resistance for each exercise, instead of having to make large leaps in resistance between levels.

FYI, the resistance on a Total Gym is changed by adjusting the incline angle of the glideboard – the higher you set it, the harder the resistance feels (because you’re lifting a larger percentage of your bodyweight against gravity).

Well, the EVOLVE comes with 16 resistance levels.

For the sake of comparison, all other models come with somewhere between 6 – 12 resistance levels (except for the GTS, which comes with 22).

The fact that the EVOLVE comes with so many more resistance levels is one of its biggest advantages over the older models, but that alone might not be reason enough to justify the added cost.

But the new glideboard certainly adds to the argument.

New Glideboard

The glideboard, as you likely are aware, is the platform you lie on during exercise and it’s the heart of any Total Gym.

Every model comes with a glideboard, though the size of ’em will vary a little depending on the particular model you’re looking at.

Well, with the EVOLVE, Total Gym finally decided it was time to revamp this feature, so they decided to give it an adjustable glideboard.

total gym evolve glideboard
The adjustable glideboard allows you to sit on a level surface while performing exercises on a decline. It can also make the EVOLVE easier to get on/off of. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

I think this is a great idea because this allows you to sit comfortably on a flat surface, making rotational core exercises and plenty of others more user friendly.

It also makes for a more comfortable platform when doing pilates type moves.

It also essentially elevates the glideboard surface, making it easier to get on/off of.

It’s worth noting though, that the horizontal adjustment can only be used on resistance levels 2, 4, 6, and 8, so it can’t be used on odd or higher levels.

The upgraded glideboard also comes with a more comfy cushioned headrest for added comfort, which never hurts.

Overall, I think the adjustable feature is a great addition to the Evolve and likely the most innovative feature Total Gym has released in some time.


The frame on the EVOLVE is similar in style and function to the frames found on other Total Gyms, but if you look at the assembled weights, you’ll see that it’s significantly heavier-duty.

More specifically, the EVOLVE weighs in at 100 lb, making it 44 lb heavier than the Total Gym Fit.

This added bulk makes for a more stable feeling gym, but it also allows the EVOLVE to hold users weighing up to 500 lb.

Which is pretty amazing for any piece of home fitness equipment.

total gym evolve folded
The EVOLVE can fold for easy storage. Image courtesy of Total Gym.

In terms of size, the EVOLVE is similar to all the other models – during use, it takes up a footprint of roughly 17″ x 97″.

So this gym is quite narrow, but at just over 8′ long, you do need a fairly long stretch of floorspace to use it.

Luckily, this gym can fold up for storage, taking up just a fraction of that floor space.

I also want to point out that this Total Gym comes with an upgraded height adjustment feature, which displays your resistance level on each side making it easy to see which level you’re on at all times.

A small touch, but it’s the small things that make all the difference.

Overall, I like how heavy-duty the EVOLVE is and the fact that it comes with such a high weight limit is certainly impressive.


In terms of attachments, there isn’t anything too crazy going on with the EVOLVE. It comes with the following included accessories:

AbCrunch- this is one of their most popular accessories and it makes it convenient to target your abs with reverse crunches. Sold separately, this puppy will run ya about $150 by itself.

Deluxe squat stand- according to Total Gym, the EVOLVE comes with their largest squat stand yet. Having a nice stand is essential, as this is what your feet will make contact with during squats, lunges, and whatnot.

2-piece wing attachment- the wing attachment connects to the top of frame, allowing you to do various pull up exercises and it’s another highly popular accessory.

2 padded ankle cuffs- these allow you to connect your feet to the pulleys and perform all kinds of leg and lower body exercises, including Pilates style moves.

Press up bars- these bars can be placed at the bottom of the frame, allowing you to do shoulder presses, but the could also be attached to the top as another pull up handle if preferred (these would cost ya ~$70 sold separately).

Rotating training deck- the EVOLVE comes with a rotating device holder allowing you to follow along with workouts or watch your favorite entertainment apps while working out.

Wall chart- Total Gym includes a handy chart that displays a bunch of the most popular exercises you can do on the EVOLVE.

Nutrition program/meal plan- they also include a complimentary nutrition plan if you’re interested.

Total Gym TV- you can also access free streaming workouts through their fitness app, which includes both free and paid versions.

Overall, the EVOLVE comes with a nice collection of included accessories, but for the price, it would still be nice if they tossed in the dip handles and the weight bar.

The dip handles allow you to perform dips (duh), but the weight bar slides through the glideboard, allowing you to add additional resistance to your moves with the addition of weight plates or resistance bands.


Total Gym backs the EVOLVE with the following home warranty:

  • Lifetime frame
  • 2 year parts

Ok, a lifetime frame guarantee is great, so no complaints there whatsoever.

When it comes to the parts, longer would certainly be better, but 2 years for a gym in this price range isn’t that bad.

Overall, I think Total Gym’s warranty here is pretty solid.

Total Gym EVOLVE vs Total Gym Fit

Total Gym EVOLVETotal Gym Fit
Resistance levels1612
Frame100 lb weight
500 lb weight limit
66 lb weight
450 lb weight limit
Leg pull
Squat stand
Press up bars
Swivel deck
2-piece wing
Wall chart
Leg pull
Squat stand
Training deck
2-piece wing
Wall chart
WarrantyLifetime frame
2 year parts
Lifetime frame
2 year parts
The EVOLVE is heavier-duty and comes with upgraded features, but the Fit has a lot to offer for the price (prices listed are sales prices at time of writing this and may change).

That about does it for everything the EVOLVE has to offer, so now I wanna change gears and provide a quick comparison to a couple of the other higher-end Total Gyms.

And the first one worth mentioning is their popular Fit model.

The Fit is one of the most popular Total Gyms of all time and it offers a great combination of features for the price.

With 12 resistance levels, it doesn’t offer as many as the EVOLVE, but it’s not that far behind.

total gym fit

As mentioned earlier, it isn’t nearly as heavy-duty either, but it can still hold users weighing up to 450 lb, which is impressive.

In terms of attachments, the Fit comes with a similar collection of included accessories, although its device holder doesn’t rotate.

And of course the Fit doesn’t come with the adjustable glideboard either.

At roughly half the price though, the Fit could be a great alternative for folks looking for a more affordable home gym option.

Total Gym EVOLVE vs Total Gym GTS

Total Gym EVOLVETotal Gym GTS
Resistance levels1622
Frame100 lb weight
500 lb weight limit
180 lb weight
650 lb weight limit
WarrantyLifetime frame
2 year parts
5 year frame
1 year parts
The GTS is significantly heavier-duty, but comes with a much higher price tag.

The other Total Gym I wanna compare the EVOLVE to is the GTS.

The GTS has been Total Gym’s highest-end model for some time, being marketed more as a commercial unit than anything else.

total gym gts

The GTS comes with 22 resistance levels, a much heavier frame (weights 180 lb), and an even higher 650 lb weight limit.

It comes with a few different attachments as well, including larger lat bar handles, a larger squat stand, and it does come with an included weight bar.

The GTS is also designed to handle plyometric moves, meaning you can jump while on the glideboard.

In other words, the GTS is a larger, heavier Total Gym, but it comes with a much higher price tag (and again, I’m not sure how much longer the GTS will be offered).

Personally, I think the EVOLVE will make more sense for most homes.

Final Thoughts

Alright, I think that’ll about do it for the EVOLVE.

I think this home gym has a lot going for it and I think it’s a nice addition to Total Gym’s overall lineup.

With 16 resistance levels and a sturdy frame, it’s well designed to handle the needs of daily home use.

And with the inclusion of many of Total Gym’s most popular attachments, it comes with an impressive selection of exercise options.

But honestly, it’s the adjustable glideboard that really stands out here.

Being able to perform exercises on a flat bench while working with higher resistances is a great improvement over older models, especially when it comes to core and Pilates moves.

It would be nice if the dip handles and weight bar were included, but I consider these small offenses at best (both could be purchased later for a combined cost of roughly $100, so yeah, not a huge deal).

With regards to the price, the EVOLVE isn’t cheap, but given the upgrades over the other models, I don’t think the asking price is outlandish either.

This is a well-built gym with tons of workout options and included features.

Overall, if you’re looking for an elite home gym system with nearly limitless workout options, I think Total Gym’s EVOLVE is a great choice.


Will's a licensed physical therapist (DPT) with over 15 years of experience treating patients from all backgrounds. He's been lifting weights and exercising in one form or another since middle school and has been working out in his own home gym for over a decade. When it comes to fitness equipment, there isn't much he hasn't tried. In his spare time, if he isn't writing or working out, he's likely playing basketball, watching movies, or hanging with his family.

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