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Sole’s E95 – The Best $2k Elliptical Out There [A Review]

sole e95 elliptical review

Sole’s E95 is a mid-range home elliptical with top tier specs and advanced features.

Combine these with Sole’s warranty and you have the makings for a serious contender for best in class year in and year out.

Highlights for this impressive elliptical include a 27 lb flywheel, heavy-duty steel frame, adjustable pedals, and oversized multi-grip handles.

And now that it comes with an upgraded touchscreen console with built-in entertainment apps and free instructor-led workouts, the E95 can hang with the best of them when it comes to tech features too.

Honestly, there’s not much to complain about here, but one downside is the sheer size of this machine – it’s not small, which could be a real issue for homes with limited floor space.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a high-end elliptical that can give some commercial grade machines a run for their money, Sole’s E95 might be what you’re looking for.

But before you decide, you have to know what you’re getting into – and that’s where I can help.

In this review, we’ll discuss all the specs and features that make this elliptical so special, but I’ll also provide a side-by-side comparison with the other top models in this price range.

After reading, you’ll know whether or not the E95 is the right option for your home gym.

Sole’s E95 comes with heavy-duty components, a sophisticated touchscreen console, and a great warranty, making it one of the best overall home ellipticals on the market. It is large though, so smaller homes might need to consider a more compact model.

Sole’s E95 Elliptical

sole e95 elliptical
Image courtesy of Sole Fitness.

Sole Fitness started out making treadmills for hotel chains.

Their treadmills where a big hit in the light commercial world, so I guess they decided to make the next logical step and transition to residential equipment.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Sole’s reputation for making quality products grew, as did their lineup. Sole branched out and started making bikes, ellipticals, and rowers as well.

And even though Sole is probably still most known for their awesome treadmills, their ellipticals are equally as impressive.

When it comes to specs and features, the E95 we’re here to talk about now falls right in the middle of Sole’s lineup (which is where we often see the best deals).

For more info on how their different models stack up, see my complete Sole elliptical guide.


  • 20″ stride length
  • 27 lb flywheel
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 20 levels of power incline
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • 13.3″  touchscreen console
  • Access to entertainment apps
  • Free streaming workouts through Sole+
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Screen mirroring
  • Wireless charging
  • Cooling fan
  • Handle controls
  • Tablet holder
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Multi-grip handles
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Good warranty


  • Takes up a fair amount of floor space

Stride Length

I like to start my elliptical reviews with the stride length.

Personally, I think this is the most important spec to consider because it relates directly to how comfortable your workouts are going to be.

And let’s be real- if your elliptical isn’t comfortable to use, you aren’t going to use it.

The stride length on an elliptical refers to how far the pedals move front to back during use. This spec is measured in inches and as you might guess, larger is (usually) better.

It’s better to have more room and not need it, then to need more room and not have it – especially for the taller folks out there.

You’re also more likely to get a good workout in if you can stretch out comfortably. If the stride length is too small, you’re gonna feel like you’re marching in place.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t buy an elliptical to just march in place.

How big is big enough?

Well, your optimal stride length depends a little on your height and personal preferences, but the gold standard for home ellipticals is a stride length of 20″.

It’s been shown that most people can comfortable use an elliptical with a stride length of this size (although shorter folks might prefer shorter strides).

Well, the Sole E95 passes our first test and comes in with a 20″ stride length.

It also has a step- up height of 14″, which is pretty standard for these machines, but if you’re worried about your ceiling height, check out my guide on ellipticals and low ceilings.

Besides an appropriate stride length, the E95 also comes with a heavy-duty frame.

Specifically, this elliptical comes with an assembled weight of 242 lb, which is quite a bit more than most home ellipticals (NordicTrack’s AirGlide 14i, for example, weighs about 200 lb).

Having all this extra bulk will make the E95 harder to move, but it’s a good thing when it comes to stability.

Heavier machines will feel more stable because, well, the extra weight makes ’em harder to move.

All this heavy-dutiness also allows the E95 to safely hold users weighing up to 400 lb, allowing folks of all sizes the ability to access it.

The E95 is heavy, but it also takes up a lot of floorspace – with a footprint of 83″ x 34″, this elliptical is a good foot or so longer than some other home models.

So if your space is limited, make sure you measure out and ensure you have enough room before deciding to buy.

Overall though, the E95 ranks highly for its large stride length and robust frame.

sole e95 frame
The E95 comes with a 27 lb flywheel, 20 resistance levels, and 20 levels of adjustable incline. Image courtesy of Sole Fitness.


Yes, ellipticals use flywheels too.

I’m not sure people are as obsessed with flywheel weight when it comes to ellipticals as they are with indoor cycles, but it’s an important spec to compare.

Just like exercise bikes, when it comes to elliptical flywheels, heavier is often better.

And that’s because the extra weight builds more momentum as the wheel spins. This reduces down time between strokes and makes for a more fluid feel.

And elliptical flywheels vary greatly.

A lot of budget ellipticals come with flywheels in the 13 – 18 lb range, but higher-end models should come with flywheels over 20 lb.

This will be heavy enough to ensure a smooth feel and will more closely resemble the fluidity of the commercial grade machines.

With this in mind, Sole’s E95 comes with a 27 lb flywheel.

Not only does this easily surpasses our 20 lb cutoff, but the extra weight will increase the machines overall resistance (theoretically anyway, it will definitely make you work a little harder from a cold start).

Sole pairs this heavy flywheel with 20 levels of magnetic resistance to give you full control over that heavy flywheel.

You also get access to 20 levels of power incline, giving you the ability to make your workouts as intense as you want.

Overall, the E95 scores highly with the heavy flywheel and plenty of resistance/incline settings, allowing it to challenge users of all fitness levels.

e95 console
The E95 comes with a 13″ touchscreen console, loaded with entertainment apps, workout profiles, and free streaming workouts. Image courtesy of Sole Fitness.


The Sole E95 comes with the following features:

13.3″  touchscreen console- this elliptical comes with one of Sole’s largest displays, making it easy to select workouts and see all workout data at the same time.

Entertainment apps- it’s also pre-loaded with all the most popular entertainment apps (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc), allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies during workouts.

Sole+ – it’s also loaded with Sole+, Sole’s free streaming app that gives you access to 1000s of instructor-led workouts. That’s right, free streaming workouts.

Workout programs- Sole doesn’t usually load their products up with a bunch of workout programs, but with the recent upgrades they’ve started adding more profiles. This elliptical comes with several classic profiles, as well as fitness test and several custom options.

Screen mirroring- this features lets you hook up your phone and see anything you have on your phone through the console. This means you can access any entertainment or fitness app you want and see it through the E95’s console.

Bluetooth speakers- the built-in bluetooth speakers make it easy to sync up with your phone and listen to your favorite workout tunes wire-free.

Wireless charging- the updated console has a wireless charging pad, so you can charge your devices up while you workout.

Tablet holder- they integrated tablet holder is conveniently located above the monitor, so you don’t have to block your view of your stats in order to use your tablet.

Adjustable pedals- the pedals are oversized and cushioned for comfort (physical therapists apparently helped them design!), but you can also adjust the angle of each pedal for a customized fit (this is their “Worm Drive”).

Multi-grip handles- the large handles give you a lot of different options for your grip, both narrow and wide, to help you target specific upper body muscles. You can also control the resistance and incline settings from the handles.

Heart rate monitoring- this elliptical is compatible with heart rate monitors, although one isn’t included with purchase.

Cooling fan- the fan will help keep ya a little more comfortable during those more intense workouts.

e95 pedals
The E95 comes with “Worm Drive” adjustable pedals, allowing you to fine tune the angle of each side for optimal comfort. Image courtesy of Sole Fitness.


Putting the E95 together isn’t the most challenging task, but it’s not the easiest either.

I like that the assembly manual includes to-scale images of the hardware used for each step, but I wish the hardware images and assembly images for each step were on the same page.

There are also written directions for each step that are pretty good, but they’re on separate pages from the image.

You’ll have to look at the image and then look back at the hardware sheet for reference to see which piece goes where.

This isn’t the biggest deal, but it could be a little easier.

There’s only a few steps to assembly, but there’s a lot going on in each step (especially the last one). I think it would be a little clearer if Sole broke the instructions into more steps, with less action in each one.

All the necessary tools are included.

Overall, it’s very doable to assemble this yourself if you or a family member are somewhat handy.

This machine is heavy, so it would be nice to have some help getting the box to its destination in your home before assembly.

I’d expect to spend a couple hours at least on assembly. When in doubt, professional assembly is always an option.


Sole backs the E95 up with the following warranty:

  • Lifetime frame
  • 3 year parts
  • 1 year labor
  • 90 day cosmetics

This is a great warranty for the price range.

Lifetime on the frame is expected from an elliptical in this price range, but it’s not a given.

And 3 years on parts is pretty good, considering most competitors offer 2-5 years.

One year on labor is standard procedure, so nothing special going on there.

Overall, I think this is a fair guarantee from a brand known for offering generous warranties.

Sole’s E95 vs The Competition

Sole E95NordicTrack AirGlide 14iSpirit XE395
Stride length20″~18″20″
Flywheel27 lb32 lb30 lb
Resistance levels202620
Incline20 levels-5 – 15%20 levels
Console13″ touchscreen14″ HD touchscreen7.5″ LCD
WarrantyLifetime frame
3 year parts
1 year labor
10 year frame
2 year parts
1 year labor
Lifetime frame
10 year parts
1 year labor
Sole’s E95 side-by-side with two of the other top ellipticals in the $2k price range.

Let’s take a look at how the E95 stacks up against some of the other top ellipticals in the $2k price range.

The first that comes to mind is NordicTrack’s newer AirGlide 14i, which usually costs somewhere around $1800.

The 14i comes with impressive performance specs and a unique decline function that I’ve never seen on an elliptical before.

It also comes with a smaller, 18″ stride that shorter folks might appreciate.

NordicTrack’s warranty isn’t as generous, but the 14i does come with a 14″ HD touchscreen for iFit pairing.

That said, you’ll have to be ok with paying that ongoing monthly membership fee to access all the goodies iFit has to offer.

Another great elliptical in this range is Spirit’s XE395, which usually goes for around $2100.

The XE395 is another heavy-duty machine with awesome performance specs and the longest parts warranty you’ll ever find.

In terms of performance, it’s right there with the E95, but when it comes to console features, it falls behind.

The XE395 comes with a simpler LCD console that doesn’t offer any entertainment or fitness apps (although it does come with 10 workouts and is bluetooth compatible).

Although if you’re looking for a simpler console, Spirit’x XE395 would be a great choice.

Sole’s E95 vs Sole’s E35

The E35 falls one notch behind the E95 in Sole’s elliptical lineup and I wanted to offer a quick comparison because the E35 could make a lot of sense for folks working with a smaller budget.

The E35 usually costs about $500 less than the E95, but the downgrades are fairly subtle.

Sole E95Sole E35
Stride length20″20″
Flywheel27 lb25 lb
Resistance levels2020
Incline20 levels20 levels
Footprint83″ x 34″70″ x 31″
Console13.3″ touchscreen10.1″ touchscreen
WarrantyLifetime frame
3 year parts
1 year labor
Lifetime frame
2 year parts
1 year labor
The E35 comes with subtle downgrades and could be a great option for smaller homes.

The flywheel on the E35 is a little lighter (25 lb), but I don’t think the 2 lb difference is enough to make a noticeable difference in terms of performance.

Especially since the E35 comes with the same 20″ stride length, same 20 resistance levels, and same 20 incline levels.

The E35 also comes with a smaller console (10″), but it’s still a touchscreen and it still comes with all the same cool features.

Now the E35 doesn’t come with the worm drive pedal adjustments and it isn’t nearly as big and heavy as the E95, but this could be a good thing for folks looking for a more compact elliptical.

The other big difference is that the parts warranty on the E35 is a year shorter.

Overall though, the E35 is a great elliptical in its own right and could be a good alternative for folks with smaller budgets or less floor space to work with.

For more info, check out my full article on Sole’s E35 vs Sole’s E95.

Final Thoughts

Sole’s E95 has a lot going for it.

With a heavy flywheel, large stride length, and heavy-duty frame, this is easily one of the highest-performing ellipticals in its class.

But it also comes with a large touchscreen console with free entertainment apps and workout streaming, so it scores highly in the tech department too.

And Sole’s warranty is solid as well.

Pretty sweet deal.

And as the above table suggests, there’ some tough competition, but the E95 can stand toe-to-toe with any other $2k elliptical out there.

There’s really not much to complain about here, but again, it’s a large machine, so it may not fit in smaller homes.

Overall though, I think Sole’s E95 is pound for pound the best elliptical you can get for $2000.

Highly recommended.


Will's a licensed physical therapist (DPT) with over 15 years of experience treating patients from all backgrounds. He's been lifting weights and exercising in one form or another since middle school and has been working out in his own home gym for over a decade. When it comes to fitness equipment, there isn't much he hasn't tried. In his spare time, if he isn't writing or working out, he's likely playing basketball, watching movies, or hanging with his family.

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