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The STEPR PRO – Taking Stair Climbing To New Levels [A Review]

STEPR PRO review

The STEPR PRO is the STEPR brand’s premiere model and it easily has the makings to be in the discussion for the best home stair climber on the market today.

And yes, I know that’s saying a lot, considering brands like StairMaster and Matrix are still going strong…

With 7″ stairs, the STEPR PRO offers a traditional stair climbing experience and with a top speed of 190 steps/min (spm), it’s powerful enough to challenge the most gifted athletes out there.

The PRO is also heavy-duty, backed by a great warranty, and easy to set up, but honestly, it’s their software options that really set ’em apart from most.

With the STEPR PRO, you get to choose between a simple LED console and a giant 27″ HD touchscreen that comes loaded with entertainment apps and free streaming workouts.

As a happy STEPR+ owner myself, I can tell ya from experience how awesome that jumbo screen is, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Long-story-short, the STEPR PRO is expensive, but if you’re looking for an elite home stair climber, it’s one of the best options available at the moment.

If you’re interested in the longer story, keep reading.

In this thorough review, I’ll go over everything the STEPR PRO has to offer, but I’ll also discuss how it compares to some of the other top climbers out there (including STEPR’s other models).

After reading, you’ll know whether or not the STEPR PRO is worth the investment.


Image courtesy of STEPR.

The folks at STEPR have been busy.

In less than a year, they’ve gone from releasing a single stair climber machine to building a versatile lineup that includes 5 different models.

I realize they had this all strategically planned before the release of their OG STEPR+, but it’s still impressive.

And luckily, it’s us home-gymers that get to reap the benefits of all their hard work – now that STEPR has 5 models to choose from, it’s a lot easier to find one that matches our needs (and budgets).

Anyway, the STEPR PRO we’re here to talk about now is their highest-end stepper to date and it comes with a few upgrades over the original STEPR+.

We’ll go over all of these in detail, but let’s start with a rundown on the PRO’s frame design.


  • Spacious steps
  • Up to 192 spm
  • Choice of console
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 400 lb weight limit
  • Access to entertainment apps (PRO+)
  • Access to free instructor-led workouts (PRO+)
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Bluetooth
  • Tons of safety features
  • Handlebar controls
  • Anchor points for resistance bands
  • Transport handles
  • Easy assembly
  • Great warranty


  • A bit pricey
  • Not as compact as some competitors


Fitness bloggers are notorious for using the term ‘heavy-duty’ for everything and I’ll admit, I’ve used it quite a bit myself in the past.

But when I use it, I try to be as literal as possible.

In the case of the STEPR PRO, this thing weighs about 400 lb, so I feel confident that the ‘heavy-duty’ description is justified.

This machine comes with a steel frame and robust components all around – from the sturdy safety rail to the thick upright holding the console, everything on the STEPR feels well-made.

This stair climber also comes with a 400 lb weight capacity, allowing folks of most sizes the ability to safely use it.

FYI, this is a bit higher than the 375 lb limit found on the STEPR Classic models.

The PRO is also a larger model though, taking up more floor space than the Classic models as well.

Specifically, the PRO takes up a footprint of roughly 33″ x 53″, or just under 3′ x 4.5′.

Unlike the STEPR Classic, which is pretty compact for a revolving stair climber, the PRO is pretty average in terms of the amount of floor space it requires.

This is due to the fact that it uses larger steps, but more on that below.

Anyway, this is still quite a bit more compact than your average home elliptical or treadmill.

When it comes to ceiling heights, the actual height requirements will vary a little depending on whether you go with the LCD or touchscreen console, but either way, you’re gonna need at least an 8′ ceiling for safe use.

Fortunately, most homes in the US have at least 8′ ceilings these days, but if you’re thinking about putting your STEPR in a basement or attic, you might want to measure it out just to be safe.

Let’s see what else… oh, it’s also worth knowing that the minimum weight for the STEPR PRO is around 80 lb, so if you weigh less than this it might not register that you’re on it, so it won’t run.

This also means smaller children won’t be able to use it when adults aren’t around.

Overall, the STEPR PRO is a robust cardio machine that’s build to last. In terms of size, it’s pretty average for a home stair climber.

The STEPR PRO comes with larger, higher steps for a more realistic stair climbing experience. Image courtesy of STEPR.

Stepping Action

The STEPR PRO, like all other STEPR models, is a revolving stair climber (aka a “stair mill”).

This means you actually step up moving stairs, giving you the closest resemblance to climbing a real staircase (because that’s what you’re actually doing).

The PRO comes with 3 steps and each step is: 7″ high, 18″ wide, and about 11″ deep.

These stairs are quite a bit larger than the compact stairs found on the STEPR+ – a fact folks looking for a more commercial feel will certainly appreciate.

The 7″ height is also significantly higher than the 5.2″ tall stadium style steps found on the STEPR Classic models.

The higher step height makes for a tougher workout, but the lower steps make for a lower impact, more joint-friendly experience.

Either way, I think it was smart of STEPR to give us the option to choose which step height we prefer.

The textured steps found on all the STEPRs are high-end and comfy and I find the stepping action on the STEPR+ to be remarkably smooth.

And when it comes to speed, the STEPR PRO shouldn’t disappoint anyone.

This climber comes with a max speed of 192 spm, which is as high as I’ve ever seen on any stair climber.

Not only is this much faster than the STEPR+’s top speed of around 140 spm, but it even tops StairMaster’s 4G StepMill (max speed of 162 spm).

Personally, I rarely top 100 spm in my workouts, but I’m far from being an elite athlete.

Anyway, the point is that the PRO has the goods to handle home-gymers of all skill levels.

Overall, I like that the STEPR PRO comes with larger, full-size stairs and the amazing top speed it can reach is quite impressive.


Choice of console- with the PRO, you get to choose between a simple LED console (PRO Classic) or a 27″ HD touchscreen (PRO+). The Classic console comes with pre-programmed workouts, as well as the option to create your own. The PRO+ console gives you access to all the most popular entertainment apps (Netflix, etc), as well as free access to STEPR’s own fitness platform where you can access instructor-led workouts and scenic hikes. If you like the idea of watching movies or following instructors, the PRO+ may be worth the extra cash; if you aren’t into tech, you can save your money and opt for the simpler Pro Classic.

Handle bar controls- regardless of which console you choose, you’ll have access to the convenient handle bar controls that let you change your stair speed or pause a workout without having to move your hands.

Wireless phone charger- both PRO’s also come with a built-in wireless phone charger, making it convenient to keep your phone charged up during workouts.

Bluetooth- both models are bluetooth compatible with heart rate monitors, as well as the STEPR mobile app.

Anchor points- the PRO comes with several (12 I think) anchor points, giving you plenty of places to attach a resistance band when doing off the machine exercises.

Emergency stops- safety is paramount with STEPR and the two easily accessible emergency stop buttons make it easy to stop the machine at any point during a workout.

Laser sensor- there’s also a laser sensor located at the bottom of the STEPR’s frame that’ll stop the machine if a foot or other object moves under the last step.

Auto-sensing emergency stop- the STEPR will also stop automatically if you step (or fall) off the machine during a workout.

Transport handles- the PRO comes with two attachable transport handles that make it really easy to roll the machine around for transport.

Water bottle holder- and finally, there’s a built-in water bottle holder ensuring you always have plenty of hydration available during workouts.


If you decide to purchase the STEPR PRO, you can choose to have the pros assemble it and deliver it to its final destination (white glove delivery) or assemble yourself.

When I received my STEPR+ to try out for a review, STEPR was awesome and included white glove delivery, so I didn’t have to put it together.

But if you decide to assemble yourself, it’s very doable.

The main frame comes pre-assembled, so you’d only have to worry about attaching the uprights, hooking the console, connecting the safety rail, and adding a few covers.

Take care not to pinch any cable wires in the process.

Overall though, the assembly process is very straightforward – I imagine most folks will be able to get the entire job done within an hour.

Again though, this is a heavy machine – the built-in transport wheels make it easy to move once assembled, but you might want an extra person around to assist in the process.


The STEPR PRO comes with the following home warranty:

  • 10 year frame
  • 5 year parts
  • 3 year labor

This is a pretty amazing warranty.

Ten years on the frame is great, but 5 years on parts is spectacular; as is the 3 year coverage for labor.

For the sake of comparison, Matrix, who offers some of the best warranties in home fitness, offers a lifetime frame and 5 year parts warranty on their stepper, but only 1 year on labor.

In other words, STEPR’s warranty here is one of the best you’re going to find on any home stair climber.

Oh, they also offer the same coverage for light commercial use as well.

All things considered, a great warranty on the PRO.

And don’t forget, you can use the promo code “THEHOMEGYM” for a free 36-month extended protection plan!

STEPR PRO vs StairMaster & Matrix

STEPR PROStairMaster 4GMatrix C50
Footprint33″ x 53″29″ x 54″28″ x 53″
Step size18″W x 11″D x 7″H18″W x 10″D x 6″H16″W x 9″D x 5.6″H
Step rateUp to 190 spmUp to 162 spmUp to 137 spm
Warranty10 year frame
5 year parts
3 year labor
10 year frame
5 year parts
3 year labor
Lifetime frame
5 year parts
1 year labor
ConsolesLED or 27″ HD touchscreenLCD, 10″ or 15″ touchscreenLCD, 10″,16″, or 22″ HD touchscreen
Price~$6000 – $7000~$5000 – $11,000$5000 – $7000
The STEPR PRO holds its own and then some against the other top revolving stair climbers out there.

Ok, that about does it for all the in’s and out’s the STEPR PRO has to offer, so let’s take a look at what the competition is all about.

There are a bunch of steppers and HIIT Trainers that use magnetic flywheels to mimic stair climbing, but there aren’t a ton of legit revolving stair climbers marketed for home use.

That said, StairMaster and Matrix do have some great models.

StairMaster’s 4G StepMill has been around for awhile and it’s still a very nice stair climber.

stairmaster 4g

The 4G is a little more compact and it uses a smaller, 6″ step height. It comes with a slower top speed (162 spm), but it’s still fast enough to satisfy most mortals.

Otherwise, the 4G is also a well-built cardio machine with a solid warranty, but its consoles aren’t nearly as impressive.

With the 4G, you can choose between a basic LCD screen, a 10″ touchscreen, or a 15″ touchscreen.

The touchscreen consoles come with some dated app access, but opting for the larger option almost doubles the price.

Besides maybe brand name recognition, I honestly see no reason to choose the 4G over a STEPR.

Moving on, there’s also Matrix’s Climbmill C50, which I personally think is a much stronger competitor for the STEPR PRO.

The C50 is a little narrower than the PRO, but otherwise these climbers are comparable in size (although the PRO comes with a much higher weight limit).

The C50 also uses smaller, 5.6″ high stairs, making it more similar to the steps found on the STEPR Classic.

matrix climbmill c50

Matrix’s climber also comes with a slower max speed of 137 spm and a shorter labor warranty as mentioned earlier.

Matrix’s consoles are awesome though.

With the C50, you can choose between 4 different consoles, depending on how much tech you’re looking for.

Their highest-end console, the XUR, is a 22″ HD touchscreen that comes loaded with entertainment apps, WiFi, an internet browser, and an HDMI port to stream anything you can think of.

It also comes loaded with iFit, the same popular fitness streaming platform you find on NordicTrack and ProForm machines.

Of course, iFit isn’t free like STEPR’s streaming workouts are… just sayin’.

The C50 is also competitively priced, with the XUR costing roughly the same thing as the STEPR PRO+.

Overall, I still think the PRO+ has it beat, what with the higher top speed and higher weight capacity, but if you wanted integrated iFit access, the C50 is definitely worth checking out.


Footprint33″ x 53″29″ x 50″
Step size18″W x 11″D x 7″H15.2″W x 8.6″D x 5.2″H
Step rateUp to 190 spmUp to 140 spm
Warranty10 year frame
5 year parts
3 year labor
10 year frame
2 year parts
1 year labor
Weight limit400 lb375 lb
Price~$6000 – $7000~$4000 – $5000
The STEPR PRO vs The STEPR Classic.

Before we wrap things up here, I want to offer a quick comparison to the other STEPR models available.

The biggest difference between the PRO and Classic models is the size of the stairs – the PRO comes with larger, higher steps.

That said, the PRO also comes with a faster top speed (192 spm vs 140 spm), a higher weight limit (400 lb vs 375 lb), and a much longer warranty.

You’ll also notice that the PRO takes up more floor space, so it isn’t as compact as the STEPR Classic.

Both models give you the option to choose between consoles though.

Overall, the PRO is a larger, heavier-duty model that comes with larger steps and faster top speeds.

Final Thoughts

Ok, I think that about does it.

I’m a big fan of STEPR in general and the STEPR+ I received last year has become my go-to choice when it comes to getting my cardio in.

I hate to say it, but since I got my STEPR, I’ve even stopped using my Peloton (although it’s nice not having to pay that monthly fee any more).

Anyway, when it comes to the STEPR PRO, there’s not much to complain about here.

This is a heavy-duty stair climber with spacious steps, a crazy fast top speed, and a great warranty.

And being able to choose your console allows folks who want the hi-tech goodies to go all-in, while those who don’t can save some extra cash by going with the LED option.

Speaking of which, the biggest downside here is obviously the price – this machine certainly isn’t cheap.

But when you compare it to the other top stair climbers out there, you see that the PRO is actually reasonably priced for what you get.

That said, if you’re working with a smaller budget and don’t mind the shorter stairs, I’d highly encourage you to check out the STEPR Classic.

Overall though, I think the STEPR PRO is a beast of a cardio machine and likely the best stair climber available at the moment.

And don’t forget, you can use the promo code “THEHOMEGYM” for a free 36-month extended protection plan!


Will's a licensed physical therapist (DPT) with over 15 years of experience treating patients from all backgrounds. He's been lifting weights and exercising in one form or another since middle school and has been working out in his own home gym for over a decade. When it comes to fitness equipment, there isn't much he hasn't tried. In his spare time, if he isn't writing or working out, he's likely playing basketball, watching movies, or hanging with his family.

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