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Everything You Need To Know About The STEPR Classic [A Review]

STEPR Classic review

The STEPR Classic is a compact stair climbing machine designed to fit in any home.

With a refreshingly small footprint and the ability to fit through any standard door, the STEPR Classic gives home-gymers the ability to take advantage of all the fitness perks these potent cardio machines have to offer.

You know, without having to go to a commercial gym or add an additional wing to your house.

The space-saving advantages of the STEPR could be reason enough to choose it over other stair climbers, but it also comes with shorter, 5″ stairs for a more joint-friendly experience.

Additional perks include a sturdy frame, 25 speeds, resistance band anchors, a generous warranty, and loads of safety features.

Unlike the STEPR+, the console on the Classic is pretty simple, but it’s big enough for easy viewing and bluetooth ready for app integration.

All things considered, I think the STEPR Classic is a great buy for anyone looking to add a legit stair climber to their home gym, but before you decide, you need to hear the whole story.

In this review, I’ll go over everything this cardio machine has to offer, but I’ll also offer quick comparisons to a few other top stair climbers to see how it stacks up.

After reading, you’ll know whether or not the STEPR Classic is the right option for your home gym.

The STEPR Classic comes with a simple console, but it’s a heavy-duty machine with smooth stair action and a compact footprint that should fit in most homes. Folks looking for a more sophisticated console should consider the STEPR+, which comes with a 27″ HD touchscreen loaded with entertainment apps and instructor-led workouts.

Quick Specs

Footprint50″ x 29″
Step size5.2″ (H) x 8.6″ (D) x 15.2″(W)
Step rate24 – 137 spm
Machine weight282 lb
Weight limit375 lb

The STEPR Classic

stepr classic
Image courtesy of STEPR.

STEPR’s a newer brand that unveiled their first model, the STEPR+, to the masses in 2023 (since then, they’ve added additional models, like the upgraded STEPR PRO as well).

And I’m fortunate to say that I was able to get my hands on one of these bad boys early and try it out for a review and it surpassed all expectations.

I actually still have it in my basement as we speak and my family and I have been using it on the reg ever since (the huge screen makes for great movie watching, so we’ve started making our kids use it for screen time… game-changer).

Anyway, the Classic version of the STEPR is the same stair climber, but with a less sophisticated console.

The goal was to give the folks who didn’t need the touchscreen a more affordable option, which I think makes a lot of sense.

As I’m writing this, STEPR has the Classic model listed for $3,999, making it about $1k less than the STEPR+.

And if you’re interested in either STEPR, use the promo code “THEHOMEGYM” for a free 36-month extended protection plan!


  • Compact frame, easy to fit in rooms
  • Smooth stair revolving action
  • 5.2″ stair height
  • Easy on the joints
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 375 lb weight capacity
  • Loads of safety features
  • 25 stair speeds (24 – 137 spm)
  • Long safety rail
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in workout programs
  • Handle controls
  • Anchor points for resistance bands
  • Well-priced


  • Warranty could be longer
  • Steps could be a little deeper


The STEPR Classic is a revolving stair machine, meaning it has physical stairs that rotate, allowing you to actually ascend stairs during workouts (these machines are sometimes referred to as “step mills”).

This is opposed to steppers that use 2 pedals and a spinning flywheel to mimic the sensation of going up stairs – think ProForm’s Pro HIIT H14.

Revolving stair machines offer a more realistic stair climbing experience (and a better workout in my opinion), but they haven’t historically been an overly popular choice for home use because of their bulky size and extravagant cost.

Well, the STEPR isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s certainly not bulky.

The STEPR comes with a compact footprint that takes up about the same amount of floorspace as your average indoor cycle.

More specifically, it requires a footprint of roughly 42″ x 28″, but when you consider the console which extends past the frame a bit, you really need a space of about 50″ x 29″ to hold this cardio machine.

Which is pretty incredible for a stair climber.

This small size allows it to fit in tighter spaces than you’d expect, but it also means this machine can fit through standard doors without having to be lifted, tilted, or man-handled in any other way.

And since there’s built-on transport wheels (and really clever removable transport handles), you can simply roll the base anywhere you need it.

The base of the STEPR is compact and counting the console, it’s about 78″ tall.

According to STEPR, it has a step-up height of 25″, but this refers to the height off the floor when standing on the top step (3rd).

The first step is about 15″ off the ground, so this is how high you have to step up to get on the machine.

Either way, it’s a good idea to have an 8′ ceiling to ensure plenty of head space.

The STEPR Classic doesn’t take up much space, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still well-constructed.

This mighty little stair climber weighs in at around 282 lb and comes with a weight capacity of 375 lb, both of which are impressive for any home cardio machine.

And I can tell you from my experience with the STEPR+ that this stair climber feels rock-solid during use.

There isn’t any rocking or wiggling when getting on/off it and it feels completely stable during workouts.

Overall, the STEPR Classic is a heavy-duty stair climber with an impressively compact footprint.

stepr classic frame
Notice the lower step height, bright red emergency stops, and long safety rail, all of which help make the STEPR Classic safe and accessible for all users. Image courtesy of STEPR.

Stepping Action

Quality construction is important, but what really matters is how this thing performs.

Fortunately, the STEPR doesn’t disappoint here either.

As mentioned, this is a revolving stair machine, so you get the full experience of going up stairs, of which there are 3 to work with.

Each stair is 5.2″ high, 8.6″ deep, and 15.2″ wide and covered with a textured plastic coating for a grippy feel under your feet.

At only 5″ high, the stairs on the STEPR Classic are a bit lower than the 7-9″ stairs found on most stair mills.

This lower step height makes for a lower-impact feel, making this machine more accessible for users with achy joints or mobility issues.

And yes, technically a lower step could make for an easier workout, but it just means you get to do more steps (trust me, if you crank that speed up you won’t have to worry about being challenged enough).

When it comes to performance, I find the stair action to be quite smooth and not especially loud – my son can comfortably watch tv in the same room without complaining.

It would be nice if the stairs where just a little deeper, but this is a minor complaint at best.

I wear a size 11.5 shoe and a good portion of my heel is off each step as I climb (meaning I’m more on the balls of my feet).

The floating stair design does allow me to push my foot deeper onto each step if I want (with my toes passing over the front of the step), which I do take advantage of at slower speeds.

Overall though, I find the STEPR’s operation to be remarkably smooth and I find the lower step heights quite comfortable.


The STEPR Classic comes with the following included features:

LED console- the STEPR Classic comes with a standard console, but it’s large, brightly-lit, and easy to see. It’s large enough that there’s room to see all stats at the same time and it even comes with a few built-in workout programs to choose from. There’s also a convenient “quick start” button that lets you simply hop on and start stepping.

25 speeds- there are 25 speed levels to choose from, giving you a wide range of difficulties to work with. Stair speeds go from 24 – 137 steps per minute (spm), so this is one stepper that can accommodate users of all fitness levels.

Bluetooth- the LED console is also bluetooth compatible with STEPR’s mobile app (which should be available soon), as well as heart rate monitors.

Quick-touch speed buttons- you can instantly jump to a given speed using these convenient buttons.

Handle bar controls- you can also adjust the speed and start/stop the STEPR from the handle bar controls located front and center.

Anchor points- the frame comes with several anchor points for resistance bands, allowing you to hook up and perform strength training moves off the climber.

Safety features- one of my favorite features about the STEPRs are all the safety features they come with. You can stop the machine by pushing the ‘stop’ button on the console or the handle bars, but there are also 2 bright-red emergency stop buttons that can be used to stop the machine immediately. There’s also a sensor located under the first step that stops the machine from starting, ensuring feet or other objects don’t get jammed underneath. And lastly, the stairs automatically stop if you step off the stairs during a workout.

Water bottle holder- there’s a built-in water bottle holder, giving you a convenient place to store your beverage.

Phone/tablet holder- there’s also a conveniently located storage shelf for your phone or tablet during workouts.

stepr classic console
The large LED console makes it easy to see all stats and quickly adjust speed during workouts. Image courtesy of STEPR.


When I received my STEPR+, STEPR was kind enough to include professional assembly, so I didn’t have to actually put it together myself.

But after checking out the manual, it’s a pretty simple procedure.

The main base comes pre-assembled, so you won’t have to mess with anything under the hood.

Instead, you’ll have to simply attach a few uprights, connect the console (taking care not to pinch any wires), attach the hand rails, and screw on a few covers.

Most folks who are decent at following directions should be able to get the job done in about 45 min or so.

And if you prefer, you can also access 3D instructions through the free BILT app.

Overall though, the STEPR is an easy one to assemble.


The STEPR Classic comes with the following home warranty:

  • 10 year frame
  • 2 year parts
  • 1 year labor

Ok, so this isn’t a bad guarantee by any means – it actually matches what NordicTrack offers on all their equipment.

But for this price range, it would be nice to see a lifetime frame guarantee (not that I have any worries whatsoever of the steel frame breaking down over time).

Two years on parts is also fine, but I will point out that Matrix covers their C50 Climbmill with a 5 year parts warranty.

A year on labor is standard stuff, so no complaints there.

Overall, the STEPR is very well-built, but the frame and parts warranties could be a little longer.

That said, you can get a free 36-month extended protection plan by using the promo code “THEHOMEGYM” at purchase.

Similar Comps

It’s fairly easy to be impressed by what the STEPR has to offer, but the best way to really judge it is to look at the comps and see what else is out there.

So, lets do that now.

When it comes to home stair climber machines, the first name that comes to mind is StairMaster.

They’re the OGs and they still have several great models to choose from, although most of their stuff is better suited for commercial gyms.

Stairmaster 4G StepMill Gauntlet with Console

Anyway, StairMaster’s 4G StepMill has been one of the top options in this category and if you go with the LCD console, it’ll likely cost ya somewhere around $6k.

The 4G is a robust stair climber and its footprint isn’t that much larger (29″ x 54″) than the STEPR’s.

Each stair on the 4G is larger (10″ x 18″) and higher as well (7″ step height).

There’s no denying the 4G is a great machine, but with a starting price $2k higher, it’s an expensive machine.

Another great comp that comes to mind is Matrix’s Climbmill C50, which at the time of writing this, comes with a starting price around $4,999.

The C50 is a little longer than the STEPR (53″), but is otherwise quite similar in size.

It too comes with 3 revolving stairs, although each stair is a little bigger (9″ depth, 5.6″ height).

The C50 also comes with a heavy-duty frame and pretty identical speed range.

The C50 comes with a longer warranty (lifetime frame, 5 year parts), but it doesn’t come with the attachment anchors.

matrix climbmill c50

You also get to choose your console with the C50, but as I mentioned, the most affordable LCD option still starts at roughly $1k higher than the STEPR.

Based on these 2 top comps, I’d say the STEPR Classic is very well-priced.

STEPR Classic vs STEPR+

stepr classic vs stepr+
The STEPR Classic and STEPR+ are identical in terms of performance. The only difference is the console. Image courtesy of STEPR.

Before I wrap things up for this review, I want to offer a quick comparison to the STEPR+.

In terms of performance specs, the STEPR Classic and STEPR+ are identical – there are zero differences between the frames, step sizes, step rates, warranties, etc.

Both stair climbers function exactly the same – the only difference is the console each comes with (and of course the price).

The Classic comes with the LED console mentioned earlier and the STEPR+ comes with a 27″ HD console that comes equipped with built-in entertainment apps, instructor-led workouts, scenic hikes, and metric tracking.

And I can tell you from experience, this touchscreen is awesome.

It’s a little glitchy from time to time (although the software gets better with each update), but having the ability to watch Netflix while stepping makes it a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the STEPR+, check out my full review.

In terms of price, the STEPR+ costs $1k more than the STEPR Classic, putting it around $4,999.

Again though, the console is the only difference between these two stair climbers.

Final Thoughts

Well, there ya have it.

The STEPR Classic is a reasonably-priced stair climber with a lot great features.

The compact footprint allows it to fit nicely in most homes and the shorter step height makes for a joint-friendly workout.

And with 25 speeds and a top rate of 137 spm, the Classic will be able to challenge elite steppers and beginners alike.

As a STEPR+ user myself, I really don’t have much to complain about here, but it would be nice if the warranty was a little longer.

Otherwise, I think STEPR is easily making some of the best home stair climbers around.

So, if you’re looking for an elite stepper that’s easy to use and won’t destroy your budget, the STEPR Classic is a fabulous choice.

Highly recommended.

And don’t forget to use the promo code THEHOMEGYM” at checkout for a free 36-month extended protection plan!

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