What Is The Best Vegan Protein Powder On The Market Today?

The market for whey protein supplements is huge. Luckily, for vegans, the options are also really growing. What is the best vegan protein powder on the market? Excellent question!

Well, I did a little research to find out. For my money, the best vegan protein on the market this second would have to be the UB Super Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake .

I’ll explain my reasoning, but first things first to make sure we are all on the same page…

What Does Vegan Mean?

I was a vegan once…for 2 whole weeks. If I had remained a vegan for much longer, I definitely would have started supplementing with protein powder because a guy can only eat so many legumes.

If I ever go back (which is unlikely), I’ll be prepared with supplementation.

The definition for vegan seems fairly straight forward- basically, it means you don’t eat (or use) anything that comes from an animal.

So what’s the difference between vegans and vegetarians you might ask? Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they often include dairy and eggs in their diet. One could say a vegan is a vegetarian who decided to take it to the next level. All vegans are vegetarians, but not all vegetarians are vegan.

Some vegetarians even include fish in their diet. Is fish meat? I don’t know. It depends on who you ask I guess. If you asked a vegetarian who eats fish, I’m guessing they would say that ‘no, fish is not meat’.

As a happy omnivore, I’m not too concerned either way, but for the sake of argument I do consider fish ‘meat’.

Back to the point. If you are vegan, no animal products. If you aren’t vegan, consider for a second how difficult that must be. No milk, no butter, no ice cream, no steak! I know, I’m being a little dramatic.

There are plant based versions of all these products, but let’s be real, have you ever eaten a veggie burger that you would choose over the real thing??

But, if you are a vegan for health or political reasons, more power to ya. You obviously have a lot more discipline than I do. There’s no debate that most people eating a vegan diet are eating healthier than the rest of us.

Eating more vegetables IS ALWAYS a good thing. I found out though, that a lot of junk food is also technically vegan. Potato chips and a lot of processed crackers and cookies count as vegan, so don’t let em fool ya, they have their vices too.

Why Supplement?

Like I mentioned earlier, the supplement market is massive these days. Think of all the vitamins and nutritional supplement products that are out there. Too many to name.

Supplementation is so huge because it is considered an easier way of obtaining the vital nutrients our bodies need.

The big question that comes up again and again though is this: Is supplementation healthy? That’s a tough one and I am by no means a dietician or physician. The general consensus is that obtaining these nutrients naturally through diet is always preferred to taking the synthesized versions in pill or powder form.


This doesn’t mean that taking vitamins or protein supplements is unsafe. Most are considered very safe, but like anything else on the market, all supplements are not created equal.

Always do your research and find a product you trust. But hey, you’re reading this, so kudos to you for doing your homework!

Taking a multivitamin or using protein powder can be a great way to improve daily nutrition. We should always make an effort to eat a healthy, varied diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it gets hard though and having a supplement helps, especially with protein.

If you are exercising and trying to increase your protein intake, protein shakes make sense. Especially if you are on the road a lot. Who has time to snack on a chicken breast at 10am (and who wants to anyway)?

If you are trying to gain muscle mass and bulk up, increasing protein intake is probably a big goal. Adding protein shakes and supplements to your diet will help you get those needed grams of protein daily.

Protein supplements are big business. There are so many protein shakes and powders and supplements. It’s crazy. Whey protein is all the craze. Can vegans use whey protein supplements?

Not if they wanna stay vegans. Whey is a type of protein found in milk and milk comes from cows (and a bunch of other animals). So by definition, whey is strictly off limits for vegans.

A vegetarian could use whey protein if they wanted to. So if no whey, where do vegans go for protein supplementation?

They go to vegetable and plant sources. Soy, pea, quinoa, amaranth to name a few. This might not be common knowledge, but many plants contain protein. Usually not quite as concentrated as animal sources, but plant based proteins tend to be healthier since they don’t contain the same contents as fat and cholesterol. They tend to be high in fiber as well which is great for us.

Luckily, the market is getting more and more plant based products, including protein powders. Pea proteins, grain based proteins, soy protein…lot of options these days. But which one is the best?

The Best Vegan Protein Powder

UB Super Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake Dietary Supplement is hands down the best vegan protein powder on the market. UB Super prides itself in using only whole, non-GMO, gluten-free foods in their products to provide optimal nutrition.

The nutrients and ingredients in their protein powders are designed to work together with each other to aid in proper absorption in the body.

UB offers a wonderful vegan protein powder, however this product offers MUCH MORE than just protein. It’s a nutritional shake that offers vitamins, minerals, and fiber as well (just to name a few).


  • 15g of plant based protein in each serving derived from yellow pea, organic milled chia seed, organic hemp seed, organic quinoa
  • Contains 14 different super foods
  • Each serving contains a whole food based multivitamin
  • Each serving contains over 70 trace minerals
  • Contains a range of omega fatty acids that are excellent for brain and heart health
  • 3g dietary fiber per serving
  • Only 130 calories per serving
  • Includes 6 different digestive enzymes for improved gastrointestinal health
  • Tastes great
  • No ‘chalky’ after taste common with protein powders
  • Mixes well, smooth texture


  • Price?

I really couldn’t find any cons for this product. I put down price as a con because this product is a little more expensive than some of the other vegan protein powders, but it’s hard to compare because this product is so much more than just a protein powder. This product is a protein powder, a multivitamin, a fiber supplement, an omega fatty acids supplement and a probiotic supplement all wrapped into 1 delicious powder.

When you combine the cost of purchasing all these products separately it is actually a pretty good deal. Plus, this nutritional supplement is derived from whole, organic foods which as we know, always bumps up the price a little. Remember, you get what you pay for and with this product you are getting the best.

Oh, did I mention that it only has 130 calories? Yup, that’s right.

The UB Super Protein Superfood Shake (very long name, from now on I’m only typing ‘protein shake’, you know what I’m talking about now anyway) comes in vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla. Both flavors are very highly rated, so pick your favorite (or try one of each).

I almost forgot, the UB Super protein shake has a perfect 5/5 user rating on Amazon! That’s right, perfect rating, I told ya it’s the perfect vegan protein powder. No other vegan protein powder on the market can compare.

I need to stop calling this a protein powder because it really is a nutritional shake. This product works well as a meal replacement with all of the nutritional value it offers. You could simply blend it with water or almond milk and it tastes great. Or, toss in some fresh berries or bananas to spice it up a notch. Have a favorite smoothie recipe? Simply add this powder to your existing recipe and instantly boost it’s nutritional value to the max!

One thing I noticed while researching this product, was that many of the users reported having more energy after using this protein powder. Think of all the vitamins and nutrients you are consuming by using this product. It’s like eating a super food salad. It contains fruits, vegetables, and grains all in a simple to use powder!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review on the UB Super Protein Superfood Nutritional Shake Dietary Supplement- that name really is incredibly long. Despite the long name, the product is legit. This is serious nutrition sourced only from whole food products.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Leave one and I’ll get back to ya soon.


Will's a licensed physical therapist with over 15 years of experience treating patients from all backgrounds. He's been lifting weights and exercising in one form or another since middle school and has been working out in his own home gym for over a decade. When it comes to fitness equipment, there isn't much he hasn't tried. In his spare time, if he isn't writing or working out, he's likely playing basketball, watching movies, or hanging with his family.


  1. I’ll freely admit I had no idea there was a way to derive protein and have it be vegan. I’ve used Gold Standard whey protein for years, but I’ve always wondered what alternatives are out there. I’ve seen standard egg protein before but really didn’t see any distinct difference. This seems like a great alternative for those folks that want to stick to a vegan diet.

    • Yea I know what you mean. I’ve used different whey protein powders and shakes off and on over the years without really looking into other protein sources. I like how this product includes so many other vitamins and minerals.

  2. This sounds like a great daily supplement. I’ve used Sun warrior before but it didn’t have the nutrients that this product has.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to give it a go.

    • Yeah, it packs a lot of nutrition. I’m impressed with the fact that it is derived from all whole foods, mostly organic.

  3. Wow, this is full of great information. I liked and enjoyed reading your article. I have learned so much about whey protein. I think anyone who is considering taking this product will greatly benefit from Willard water. Because not all supplements we take get absorbed into our body. Including Willard water is a wonderful way to enhance nutrient absorption, so that you can derive the maximum benefits of all your foods and vitamins and mineral. Thank you for sharing. Keep up with the great job.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not familiar with Willard water, but I’ll make sure to look it up. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Great article! There’s so much valuable information that I never knew before. I have friends who are vegan and this will definitely help me get on the same page as them.

    • Yeah, definitely. I bet your vegan friends would be impressed if they saw you using this product. Thanks for reading.

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