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Rowing For Weight Loss And Toning

Looking for a low-impact and effective way to shed some pounds and tone your body?

Then look no further than rowing!

Rowing is a fantastic workout that engages over 85% of your muscles, providing a full-body workout that burns calories and strengthens your core, arms, legs, and back.

Plus, when done correctly, rowing is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints, making it a great option for anyone looking to get fit without putting too much stress on the body.

In this article, we’ll explore how rowing can help you achieve your weight loss and toning goals and provide tips to help you start your rowing journey.

So grab your oars, and let’s get rowing!

A Basic Journey For Weight Loss:

The journey of weight loss usually consists of changing one’s mindset to burn more calories than one consumes, which can be commonly achieved in two ways:

  • Eat smartly via dieting
  • Burn more calories through a proper exercise regime

To most, the clear and most efficient way is to burn calories through a workout.

However, the workout has to be such that it can be done for a longer period and it is not too rough that it may tire you quickly (which could result in you not burning as many calories as needed).

Now when considering the use of rowing machines for workouts, the beauty of the said machines is that it can be operated at slow speeds but still considerably offers a high-calorie burn.

Weight Loss Benefits of the Rowing Machine

Low Injury Risk

When burning calories using the simplest method, such as running, the wear and tear on the joints can be bad for many, as running for long distances or on uneven surfaces could prove harmful.

Such claims can be backed by scientific findings, as an article in 2015 stated that an average recreational runner suffered 18 injuries during 1000 hours of running.

When comparing the data of injured runners to injured rowers, it was found that rowers at the average master’s age (43-59) suffered only 2 injuries per 1000 training sessions.

Comfortable For Home Use

Scared of large equipment that could potentially obstruct your passage in a room?

Then look no further, as a rowing machine is considered the perfect workout partner you can use in your home.

They’re relatively small and many do not need to be plugged in, unlike other conventional workout equipment.

Many rowing machine models can be easily folded into two for easy storage as well, allowing them to save room when not being used.

And rowers can vary greatly in which features they come with too – some are very simple, while others come with advanced streaming features (like the Hydrow or NordicTrack rowers).

Speaking of Hydrow, they offer a smaller, more affordable option now too, known as the Hydrow Wave (check out this article on the Hydrow Wave vs The Hydrow to see how they compare).

Improves Heart Function

A thorough scientific research suggests that people who regularly exercise tend to have a lower resting heart, lower blood pressure, lower LDL (aka bad cholesterol levels), and higher HDL (aka good cholesterol levels).

A Little Technique To Learn

Sustaining injuries when working out is a major no-no.

As there is a technique to learn, it isn’t that complicated and can easily be picked up with a little practice.

The upper side of learning the rowing technique is that it makes you an efficient rower and hopefully a safer one as well.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Most people tend to give up on rowing after using it for over a few months, stating that the machine and the workout associated with it does not help them lose weight and tone their bodies.

Now the problem probably lies not in the workout, but rather in the intake of unhealthy foods that they consume.

Due to this, certain kinds of foods must be limited if you wish to lose fat.

Control your intake of French fries or potato chips because these types of foods are high in calories, and according to a recent study, it was found that people that regularly consume fried potatoes almost twice a week are considered to be a victim of early death.

This is due to the fact that French fries can help cause chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc.

Also, refrain from foods that include candy bars due to the high concentration of sugar and refined flour, ice cream, and alcohol.

Although it may be a big bullet to bite, but try to keep yourself away from Pizza as well as they are created using large amounts of refined flour and processed meat.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Fitness Levels

Being able to operate at all kinds of speeds and intensities makes rowers a great workout option for all fitness levels.

Even if you’re a beginner and have just started to exercise, take it slow because the rower will allow you to do that.

How To Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine

There are various forms for rowing machine sessions; they can either be a stand-alone workout or divided intervals in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) course.

Rowing can produce the same result of burning calories at the same intensities compared to other forms of exercise (like cycling, etc).

It is deduced that an average adult requires at most 150-300 minutes of cardiovascular training per week, so spending a maximum of 45 minutes on the rower four days a week should be enough.

Consistency is key when incorporating the rowing machine to lose weight into a HIIT workout.

Another thing to consider is that the actual calories that you burn depend highly on factors like age, body size, health status, basal metabolic rate, the efficiency of the machine, and the workout duration and intensity, as mentioned before and later.

Tips On How To Maximize Efforts

Correct Your Posture

To really work on your core, it’s important to work on your alignment and posture.

Sit as tall as you are able to and avoid rounding your back. Puff up your chest, lift your chin up, gaze in front of you, and don’t drop your head.

Keep on breathing, and you’ll surely see the results.

Work On Your Lower Body

Position your legs into a heel-rest position, and you will instantly have your major muscles, such as your glutes, that help burn calories in a constant workout.

Don’t make the mistake that most do by using the upper body as the main driver, but rather use those powerful leg muscles to reap the biggest benefit from your rowing workout.

Remember that a portion of your effort should come from your arms, a portion from your back and core, and the majority from your legs.

Keep Regular Intervals

When you’re done with the warm-up, try including a few sets of power strokes because they’re good for burning a lot of calories due to their intensive workout nature.

Keep the rhythm the same throughout the interval while pulling harder with your core and pushing harder with your feet to row faster.

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, is one of the best ways to improve your calorie-burning efforts.

Keep on doing your Endurance Training

Some may say HIIT workouts are more beneficial for a better weight loss journey, but slow and steady endurance workouts, (where in this case, are referred to as steady-state rowing) can help to burn calories effectively too.

During endurance training, keep two important points in mind:

  • Use a heart rate monitor
  • Work on RPE (rate of perceived exertion scale)

The cause of considering these two methods is that 1, the heart rate helps you monitor and maintain 70% of your maximum heart rate for a duration of 20 minutes which is more than sufficient, and 2, using the RPE scale while working on a 7 out of 10 intensity for 20 mins is also sufficient.

Using these steps can help make sure you’re working out hard enough to get the job done.

Benefits of Rowing

There are some downs to using exercise machines, but surely up’s come with ’em too.

The rowing machine helps in your weight loss journey and is arguably the most effective for everyone of all shapes and sizes who are looking to get into shape.

Some of the benefits of using these machines are:

● Helps in maximizing your calorie-burning potential
● Develops muscles
● Safeguards joints
● Improves balance
● It is a good alternative to the treadmill

The Final Word

In conclusion, a rowing machine can be an excellent tool for achieving weight loss and toning your body.

With its low-impact design and ability to provide a full-body workout, a rowing machine is an ideal option for those who wish to improve their fitness level without putting undue stress on their joints.

By incorporating regular rowing sessions into your fitness routine and combining it with a healthy diet, you can see significant improvements in your overall health and body composition.

So, if you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding way to achieve your weight loss and toning goals, a rowing machine is definitely worth considering.


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