The FITINDEX MG002 Massage Gun – The Gadget I Didn’t Know I Needed [A Review]

fitindex massage gun review

I recently got my hands on the FITINDEX MG002 Massage Gun and I have to say, my expectations were completely blown away. This hand-held percussion massager is easy to use and feels great massaging away my tight, over-used muscles.

In other words, I love it.

More objectively, the FITINDEX Massage Gun comes with 4 different speeds, 5 different head angles to choose from, and 6 interchangeable massage heads.

It also comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a convenient carrying case.

If you’re looking for an affordable massage gun, FITINDEX’s MG002 is a wise choice. But this review is here to tell you everything you need to know to help you figure out whether or not it’s worth investing in.

In this article, I’ll go over everything this massager does and doesn’t have going for it. And since I’m lucky enough to say that I own one, you’ll be getting first-hand knowledge from a real user.

Disclaimer: FITINDEX sent me a free sample of their massage gun for me to review. I haven’t been compensated in any other way. This review is based solely on my experience with said free sample.

What’s A Massage Gun?

Before I dive right into the review, I want to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing here. Because I’ve got to be honest, before I received this device, I had no idea what a massage gun was.

And if I’m going to be completely honest, I should probably tell you how I ended up getting my hands on this one to begin with (I’ll keep it short).

Allow me to set the mood- it’s Friday night, my wife and kids are out of town, and the rock concert I was supposed to go to had just been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic currently wrecking havoc on the world.

So, like any other respectable, not quite middle-aged male, I was in the process of getting loaded with brother when I decided to check my email.

I had received an email from a rep for FITINDEX who wanted to send me a free sample for me to review.

At the time, I remember thinking to myself, “what the hell’s a massage gun?”.

Anyway, under the inebriated state I was well on my way to being in, curiosity got the best of me and I responded that I would be happy to review the product.

I kinda forgot about the whole situation until a few days later when the massager arrived in the mail.

So, that’s my long way of saying that I wasn’t familiar with massage guns until I got my hands on the one we’re reviewing right now.

A massage gun is just a hand-held, power massager that vibrates at high frequencies to help promote circulation and muscle relaxation.

They’re also known as vibration massagers or percussion massagers.

The idea is that, kinda of like foam rollers, they increase blood flow to the tight areas and help break down tight trigger points in the muscles.

But, unlike foam rollers, you can pin-point specific muscles easily and on your own (depending on what muscle you’re working on).

Like foam rollers, you could also use a massage gun to warm-up before exercising.

Ok, not that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the FITINDEX Massage Gun.

The FITINDEX MG002 Massage Gun

I’m not familiar with the FITINDEX brand. This massager if my first experience with the company, but what I can tell is that they specialize in affordable health-related products.

They have a modest lineup consisting of a couple massage guns, a bluetooth scale, a few pieces of training equipment, and a few supplements.

Although the brand appears rather small, their products come well reviewed by users.

And if their other products are of the same quality as the MG002, they’re worth checking out.


  • 4 adjustable speeds
  • 5 head angles to choose from
  • Includes 6 massage heads
  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to target smaller muscles


  • Charge indicator light hard to see


The FITINDEX Massage Gun is a single, hand-held unit. It kind of looks (and sounds) like a power drill. This percussion massager comes with the following features:

4 Adjustable Speeds

You can choose between 4 vibration frequencies: 1900 rpm, 2100 rpm, 2300 rpm, and 2500 rpm (labeled as speeds 1-4 on the handle).

The website says each frequency is to be used for specific physiological benefits- I don’t know about all that and I’m guessing the manufacturers don’t either.

What matters is that you can choose a speed that feels comfortable for you.

I suggest you start at level 1 and progress from there as needed. I’ve been primarily using level 1 and 2 and find that’s plenty of vibration to get the job done.

So far, I’ve been using primarily on my forearms, hands (yes, my hands get tight from all this typing), and my hamstrings. The vibration is quite relaxing and I notice improvements in my muscle tension almost immediately (after 1-2 min).

Adjusting the speed is done by pressing a small button at the top of the handle. You have to hit it once to turn the massager on.

5 Head Angles

I haven’t had to adjust the angle of the head on mine yet, but you can choose between 5 different angle positions. I’ve been using the first position, which forms a 90° angle with the handle.

But I can see how changing the angle could be beneficial. Depending on which body part you’re working on, or whether you have someone else massaging you with it, changing the angle could result in a more comfortable fit.

Changing the angle is easy, simple press the large button in the middle and adjust the head to your desired position. The different positions are labeled 1-5 on the side of the gun.

6 Interchangeable Massage Heads

This is my favorite feature by far. FITINDEX includes 6 different heads to choose from, all with different shapes and sizes to match different body parts.

These heads include:

  • Large ball head- used for large muscle groups (quads, hamstrings)
  • Small ball head- used for smaller muscle groups (works well for forearms)
  • Flat head- firmer surface, would work best for smaller muscle groups
  • Fork head- designed for the spine or Achilles’ tendon, but I also like this one for forearms
  • Bullet head- great for trigger points (I’ve been using on my hands)
  • Air cushion head- also for trigger points, but a softer surface (I haven’t used this one much)

FITINDEX massage gun review

Overall, I like having different options with regards to the massage heads. I’ve found I like to start with one and then progress to another.

On my forearms, I like to start with the small ball head for a few minutes and then move to the bullet head or fork head for more trigger point related work.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery is contained in the handle. It’s triangular in shape and easy to insert/remove. The massager comes with a charging station and AC adapter that plugs into any standard outlet.

The instructions say it’s fully charged within 150 minutes, so not bad.

The battery comes charged too, which is awesome. This gun is ready to roll right out of the box, which was a wonderful surprise (I have to say, I was a pretty excited when it showed up).

The instructions also say that it can run for about 2.5 hrs on a single charge, but that’s gotta depend on which level you’re using. The massager also turns off automatically after 15 min of continuous use as a safety precaution.

The only negative thing I have to say about the charger is that the little light that lets you know it’s plugged in and charging is located on the AC adapter.

It’s small and kinda hard to see, so you might have to really look for it when you plug your battery in to charge.

Carrying Case

Last, but not least in my book, is the carrying case. This massager comes with a very elegant looking case, not unlike a tiny little suitcase in my opinion.

It’s compartmentalized nicely inside with spaces for each massage head, charging base, and gun cut out to keep the whole set nice and organized between uses.

fitindex massage gun


fitindex massage gun

After all, it’s the small details that make all the difference. This case would make it really easy to travel with this massager too.


FITINDEX guarantees this massage gun for 1 year. During that time, you can send the gun back and have it repaired (you pay shipping cost).

I don’t have a lot of experience with other similar products to compare, but based on the price, this seems like a decent warranty for this product.

There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee. If the gun stops working in the first 30 days, you can send it back for a full refund or return.

Overall, not a bad guarantee on a budget friendly massager.

Final Thoughts

Although I had zero experience with massage guns and zero inclination that I’d ever want one, I’m glad FITINDEX was kind enough to send me their massager to try out.

It’s a piece of cake to use- simply pull it out of the case, insert battery, and choose a setting. I like how simple it is, because I’ll be honest, if it was a pain to set up I probably wouldn’t use it.

In terms of massage quality, I’m impressed.

I’ve been an avid user of foam rollers for years because they work great, but it can be hard to target smaller, specific muscles. With the massage gun, it’s a lot easier to pin point trigger points and work them out.

It’s been working great on my forearms and hands, which are difficult to roll out with rollers. The vibration is very relaxing and soothing.

Overall, I give FITINDEX 2 thumbs up for their MG002. It’s easy to setup, comfortable to use, and effective. It’s also pretty affordable compared to some of the other models out there.




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