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Why Do I need to Exercise?

We are all told early on in life that exercise is important and I doubt there are many of us out there that would disagree. We all know that we should exercise, because it’s “healthy” and our doctors tell us to. But I wanted to start with a quick review of some key benefits of exercise in general and why regardless of age or gender, we all need to start moving more. I feel this is something we all used to do naturally as children without realizing it. Toddlers are exercising during all waking hours, unless you can convince them to sit still long enough to watch an episode of Paw Patrol.

To kids, running and playing is just fun. It’s part of being a kid. Unfortunately, as we get older our list of responsibilities make it difficult for us to run around all day playing games, getting the exercise our bodies need.  So, we start moving less and start feeling the health changes that can come with it: weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, heart disease… the list goes on and on.elliptical trainers

So, what can we do? Well, EXERCISE is a great start!

The good news is that exercise is a great way to prevent all of those health problems from starting in the first place. Also, exercise can help correct a lot of health issues after they have started. The effects of exercise are multiplied when combined with eating right and healthy living, but getting moving is a step in the right direction.

When you walk into your local gym, the options can be numerous. Let’s see, should I walk on the treadmill today or hit the stairmaster? Lift free-weights or hit the machines? Maybe a cycling class?  Most of us, however, are a little more limited with the equipment we own in our home. Luckily, you don’t need to own a bunch of bulky equipment to get a great workout from the comfort of your home. Sure, some equipment comes in handy, and we will discuss some particular items I think every home gym should include later on. But rest assured, you can get a world class workout with your body and a few feet of floor space.

Which Exercise Routine is Right for Me?

Before you start looking up workouts or hitting the weights randomly, you need to have a goal in mind. Why am I exercising? Am I trying to bulk up? Am I trying to lose weight and slim down? Am I generally looking for improved health? The answer to this question will guide you to a routine that is right for you.

For example, if you are looking to bulk up and add some muscle mass to your physique, you will most likely be doing a routine that includes lifting weights, higher weight and lower rep sets. Adding calories to your diet (high quality protein I hope!) as well to ensure your body has the fuel to build that muscle will be necessary. On the other hand, if you are trying to slim down and get tone, you will be performing exercises with higher rep counts and lower weights (and probably cutting calories as well).

Regardless of your goal, there are thousands of exercise and thousands of different combinations/routines to choose from, so boredom should never be a factor! If your exercise regimen is getting stale (boring), switch it up! Our bodies are smart, they get used to doing the same ol’ exercises over and over and stop responding the way they did at this beginning. I highly recommend changing regimens frequently (at least every 4-6 wks) to ensure continued growth and adaptation (better results). This could mean changing the actual exercises you are doing, changing the rest schedules, changing reps/sets, adding super-sets, etc., etc.

Over time, I hope to dive into several categories of exercise on this site that can be done in the comfort of home. Including:

  • Bodyweight exercises/circuits
  • Weight lifting
  • Stretching
  • Cardio (yes, cardio can be accomplished at home without a bunch of expensive equipment!)
  • Plyometrics
  • Core

I’d love to hear back from you with any favorite exercise routines from home (or least favorite). Drop me a note and I’ll get back to you soon.